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  1. Oriental

    Plants And Snakes

    Didn't know what Death Camas was so I looked it up. Source said they are found in Western North America. Are they found in the Pines too? Only curious if they are here. Not interested in knowing stations.
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    Garvey Racing Returns

    Watching the garvey races has been a part of our summers in Tuckerton for decades as we would usually take a walk down to Green Street Park to see what was going on. I want to say the races were already happening by the time we started spending time there in the late 1970s but I can't be sure...
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    Bamber Lake Club/Camp Columbus. Say Hello.

    The murder of James Wainwright by Elson Rockwell in 1885 made quite the stir in the area. Newspapers from the day provided detailed accounts of the trial. Many Bamber area locals gave testimony. Also, you are likely aware that the village was called Cedar Crest for a time. Lastly (and with...
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    "The Triangle"

    I thought the same thing. Topo maps show a small cranberry bog on Biddle Branch very near the intersection of route 72 (the Plains Road) and 532 (possibly the Chatsworth Road). That small bog appears to be the only one within that triangle. Much larger bogs appear outside of that triangle but...
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    "The Triangle"

    Several of the articles mention "Tin Can Road", "Finger Swamps", and "The Saw Mill". I would love to know where such places were located. Most of the accounts are from the Trenton Evening Times and date from 1932 to 1935. It is possible that these place names were not used by the locals.
  6. Oriental

    "The Triangle"

    I have been reading a number of old newspaper articles about deer hunting in the Pines. Several stories from the 1930s make mention of a popular hunting area called “The Triangle”. Many other more familiar places like Hog Wallow, Four Mile, Woodmansie, Goose Pond, and the Barnegat Plains are...
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    How 'Bout Them Eagles ?

    Very cool.
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    Missing Child - Beachwood 1940

    Interesting and sad. I have been researching a piece of property that is now owned by South Park Gun Club which is situated between Tabernacle and Chatsworth. A man named Louis Mantell from Pemberton purchased approximately 900 acres there in the late 1940s so that he could run his fox hounds...
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    In Search of the "Oak Bottom"

    I love hearing about such descriptive places. Good luck with your search. Interesting to me that old Dover Township (once part of Monmouth County) boasted a village named White Oak Bottom. I believe the locality still carries that name. Ann Wilbur, William B. Hyers, and Jonathan Johnson each...
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    Rollestone, Bass River Township, Burlington County, NJ

    Christopher, The story of Dr. Green caught my interest several years ago. I am sure you know that this eccentric recluse was a well-respected physician from New York who at some point in the 1890s spurned city life and removed to the Jersey Pines. Dr. Green was not a young man when he...
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    Calico or Dobbin's Bog

    Guy, While researching the property I was very interested in seeing where the canal met Beaver Run and also the point where it turned toward the cranberry company bogs. I was planning to get there soon but your description of the dense woods is discouraging me. I am sure I will still venture...
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    Hey Ed. I live around the corner from you on Old Indian Mills Road. Saw your post. Not really...

    Hey Ed. I live around the corner from you on Old Indian Mills Road. Saw your post. Not really interested in the Grolsch bottles but the kegs, regulator, and other equipment interests me. Maybe we could get together and you could let me know how much money you need to get. I brewed years ago and...
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    Can anyone tell me where a stream that was once called Duckenhat (or Duckinhat) might be found? It was in Burlington County and may have been within a few miles of Four Mile Circle. Possibly in what is now Pemberton or Woodland Township. Thanks
  14. Oriental

    The John Rutherford Tract Project

    I am having difficulty saying what I mean to say. Should have paid more attention in English class. I think what you will find when you look into it is that the metes and bounds that describe this property (28 courses) encompasses more than 14800 acres. The 30 plus exceptions to the tract...
  15. Oriental

    The John Rutherford Tract Project

    Indeed, the Edward Brinley survey is just as you described. The problem is that in many places the so called "outer boundary" is not exactly as you would think because the exceptions are often not completely within this line. In many cases these exceptions straddle the line sort of eating into...
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    Wolfspider found the W.P. 1700 stone!

    Yes, in property descriptions I have seen that stones were later placed where a tree with blazes once stood.
  17. Oriental

    Wolfspider found the W.P. 1700 stone!

    from an 1848 deed for land in that area . . .by which it run 5th South sixteen degrees and forty five minutes West seven chains and sixty four links to a stone lettered JM 1742 on the North side and WP 1700 on the South side, it being the beginning corner to the aforesaid 30 acres originally...
  18. Oriental

    The John Rutherford Tract Project

    It's hard to say from the map. Both these streams and others form the headwaters of the main branch of Cedar Creek. Do you believe that Webb's Mill Branch is a more substantial stream than Chamberlain? I wonder if deeds to property along Webb's Mill Branch call it the main branch of Cedar...
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    The John Rutherford Tract Project

    Guy, I looks like you will have your hands full with this project! Almost 15000 acres before the dozens of exceptions. Looking forward to hearing about your progress. Good Luck.
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    The John Rutherford Tract Project

    My copy of the Rutherford Tract survey begins: I have completed the following survey for John Rutherfurd, commenced by Francis W. Brinley the late surveyor general in November 1858 viz. All that tract of unappropriated land, situate . . . and ends: . . . Surveyed in November 1858 by Francis...