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    Vanity Plate

    I'd like to see a law that requires any purchase of stock to be held for a minimum of one or two years, or until some limited number of qualifying events occurs that allows it to be disposed of. Why?
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    canoe trip

    My parents have a trailier up that way near near Walpack. They have a canoe up their also. Count me in. Ron
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    Quaker to Batsto September Trip Report

    Very true and funny Woodjin, I think it was more of a 2.5ft 4 ft snake, he gets a bit bigger each time I tell the story, so by next year he will be the 5 foot 2.5 ft snake. The trip likely took about 5x longer than it would usually take me, because of the search for the glasses and...
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    Quaker to Batsto September Trip Report

    Saturday September, 29 2007 Trip Report Quaker Bridge to Batsto paddle. My brother initiated the idea of a canoe/kayak paddle inviting guys from a group that he belongs to. I previously invited people to join me from about 4 different Catholic churches in my area, advertised in the...
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    Exploring a Different Area of Wharton

    I made a few walking sticks and just recently attached a rather crude but effective tether to one using Velcro for a wristband. I have a long rope tied to the stick and the other end to the wristband. That way I can lay the stick down and will not forget it since it is attached to me. I keep the...
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    Oct 28 9:45 6th annual PINE BARRENS 4 WHEEL DRIVE CLEANUP

    When I went two years ago, I told the guy at the sign up table I was just driving a stock Cherokee and had my two year with me. He assigned me to a Nissan Xterra group that was sticking to the more passable roads. I am taking my brother and 3 year old son this year, and I am not looking to...
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    Dead deer in the Mullica

    The folks at the rental office said it was not dangerous to people. I was bit by a biting fly while at the rental place so I hope they are correct. From NJ Fish and Game September 7, 2007 Personnel from the Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) are...
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    Dead deer in the Mullica

    They are dying from a midge fly bite that is carrying a virus. Bel Haven canoe told us to take note of the spot any dead deer we find and report them for environmentalist to investigate. This was told to us this past weekend. We smelled something dead many times going down the Batsto. Seems this...
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    Discovery survival shows

    Bear sold out. He is dead to me.
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    Murderer in the Pines !

    My sister back in highschool picked up a friends brother walking down the street she was driving. Turns out he was loco and had just escaped from Ancora. She did not find this out until after she droppped him off. Mad, Mad, Mad world.
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    "Piggyback" mortgages?

    Save until you have a down payment that will lower the amount of the mortgage payments that will fit into your budget. Put together a detailed budget of what you spend monthly. Before you buy a house ask for the past few months utility bills. Get bills from the winter and summer months. The...
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    The Jersey Devil Story as told by his cousin

    Thanks for sharing. It is a very sad story and one that to me sounds like it could be true since even after all this time it would still bring some shame to talk about your family in such a way, even remote family.
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    Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia

    Thanks for sharing they are great pics. You should visit the Laurel Hill in Bala Cynwyd. That one also has some great views.
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    I went to another place I think it was dock street in Tuckerton and got 1 so my crabbing luck/skills are not good. I can't remember ever not getting a basketfull when I was younger. Maybe it is just selective memory.
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    I took the kids crabbing at Green Street in Tuckerton. We only caught a few spider crabs. We packed up and tried seven bridges. All the bridges were crowded so we tried one of the side streams for a short time. No luck at all. I was still happy to take the kids to see it, seven bridges was one...
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    Very informative. Thanks. I am kind of depressed thinking about it. If the water in the pines is this polluted, what is safe to eat. What a long way we have to reverse the sins of the past.
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    I was reading today that the bass and pickerel in the pine lands area have higher levels of mercury and stronger warnings about eating them, than other areas of NJ. I was surprised to read this. Anyone know why the pine lands would have higher mercury levels? Lorun
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    Kayak to Bodine (not exactly)

    The plan was for my brother and me to kayak to the Bodine campsite. We would camp out overnight with my two children ages 3 and 5. The morning of the trip started out bad. A whole dug for putting in new sewer and water lines into the house filled up with water due to two down spouts on the...
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    Speedwell to Bodine

    I am planning to paddle from Speedwell to the Bodine campground with my brother. Than camp out at the campsite with some other family that does not want to paddle. The rental places state that this trip takes 71/2 hours. Does this sound correct? I believe that they sometimes overstate the...
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    Oswego River

    Last sentence is saying that many would find the river too overcrowded for their taste, but if the livery says the water is low less people from the rentals and perhaps other will be on the river.