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  1. Bobbleton

    More Nature 2012

    Here's a few more snippets from 2012. Some in the pines. Some not. Its been a slow year for me as far as wildlife photography goes . . . but not a bad one. Enjoy! Golden-crowned kinglet Hatchling box turtle Pine Mud turtle "Daddy long legs" Red eft Spotted salamander...
  2. Bobbleton

    Nature 2012

    Figure its time I share some of this year's finds. The focus in 2012 has really been on birds, but there's been plenty else going on as well. This first round of pictures were taken March to early May. New Jersey chorus frog Young northern black racer Pine warbler Yellow-throated...
  3. Bobbleton

    Manchester re-zones for development

    This was just approved last night. Despite previous records from the area that indicate the T&E survey to determine absence was not comprehensive.
  4. Bobbleton

    More 2011 wildlife

    I decided to post the 2nd installment of this thread in this subforum so that I could include more from around the state. 2011 has been a great year for wildlife for me . . . here are a handful of the 2011 pics I haven't posted. Northern pine Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) Adorable, but they rain...
  5. Bobbleton

    Some 2011 finds

    I haven't posted in a while, but I've certainly been around. 2011 has been a good year to me so far . . . here are a few things: Fence Lizard you don't see this all too often . . . Carpenter frog The ever-famous rough green snake Adorable baby bunny Pine Snake eating (a different)...
  6. Bobbleton

    Some winter birds

    Not one to be kept indoors . . . birds are the obvious choice in winter to help keep the madness at bay. Here's some of what I've seen: Obligate harlequin shot Ipswich savannah sparrow Brant Long-eared Sanderling GBH Pintail Dunlin Turnstone...
  7. Bobbleton

    December at the Parker Preserve

    Had an opportunity to experiment with a style of photography suited well for landscape . . . most of it's over the top, but its a learning process . . .
  8. Bobbleton

    Some more random 2010 stuff . . .

    I've somehow taken FAR less pictures this year than usual, but have very little concept of what's already been posted and what hasn't - sorry if any of these are repeats. Redbelly from the pines Killdeer and nest Carpenter Leopard Northern Gray and by popular demand...
  9. Bobbleton

    Flying Things

    Saw some cooperative dragonflies today . . . figured I'd give some tight macro shots a try. EDIT: Updated with ID's from a local expert. These are all Seaside Dragonlets - Erythrodiplax berenice These last two are blue dashers - Pachydiplax longipennis Found this little...
  10. Bobbleton

    Black Frost 2010

    If anyone hasn't been out yet, it appears that Monday night/Tuesday morning there was a "black frost" in some areas of the pines. I'm curious to see if anyone else has noticed this in other areas. Oak species were hit hardest . . . those areas with open canopy and away from wetlands is...
  11. Bobbleton


    Just a few things I've seen around the last few weeks. Fowler's Toad Leopard Frog Spring Peepers: Chorus Frogs: Garter Snake: Things are really starting to get going now, but I'm out of state until next week. So for now this is it.
  12. Bobbleton

    Developers trying to delist pine snakes
  13. Bobbleton

    A few photos

    Some shots from this season - mostly herps but one or two other things I found interesting as well . . . First some non-herps (rare for me) Velvet ant - when you see them up close like this, it seems much more obvious that its a wasp. The problem is that they NEVER stop running. I had...
  14. Bobbleton

    Eaten Alive

    Cool thing I saw the other day. The pictures aren't so great, but I didn't want to risk disturbing the behavior just to get better shots. Only common species, but its something you don't see everyday. Bear in mind . . . the victim was alive and fighting the ENTIRE time. As found...
  15. Bobbleton

    Mapsource Users:

    No clue why I haven't thought of this before, but the idea recently dawned on me that I could copy the cd maps onto my hard drive - thereby not having to pop the cd in every time I want to see map detail in the program. Its also MASSIVELY faster which is no surprise, really. Here's a...
  16. Bobbleton

    Cranberry Fest This Weekend

    Anybody going?
  17. Bobbleton

    Enemy of turtles

    So I went looking for these things: And I found this thing: He was hugging the road - smelling for nests to raid. Between these guys, raccoons, cats, and coyotes, its a wonder there are any turtles left. Here's the video Don't be too hard on them, though. They don't...
  18. Bobbleton

    more herps from the pines:

    Its been a weird time for me so far. I haven't had a chance to get out all that much lately, but cool pine barrens finds keep popping up. I feel its worth sharing, so here's some of what I've seen lately: redbelly terrapins racer in a tree orange hognosed...
  19. Bobbleton

    Spring so far:

    Hey everybody. I'm back in town (again), so I figured I'd post up some finds I've made in the pines since I've been around (late april). If any of these look super similar to dragoncjo's . . . its most likely because we took the pictures at the exact same time. So - sorry for that...
  20. Bobbleton

    Birding Season Begins!

    Now that herping is done, I'm starting on my winter birding. Here are a few shots from Brigantine yesterday. Cormorants: Snowy Egrets: American Bittern: Yellowlegs: Ruddy Ducks: One of many black ducks: Eastern Bluebird: Then . . . what could have caused...