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    iMap Geology released - new online GIS app from DEP

    Naw we got hit with a bad virus at work. It was cusing the slow down. Thanks for getting back to me.
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    iMap Geology released - new online GIS app from DEP

    I was using the I-map with the 2002 photos on it today and it kept locking up. Any suggestions?
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    Trashing of the Pines

    It was the Road Department they were the ones paving Lacey Road last week. Ben Mabie is still in charge over there. Even if you are told otherwise he is staying on through the summer paving season. It is also the Road Department that runs the street sweepers. Your best bet is the Soil...
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    Where is the biggest pine tree?

    The largest pitch pine I found was 72†dia. 3’ from the ground I also measured some other trees as sassafras 38â€Âwhite oak 91†& red oak at 87â€Â. All the trees are on my property in Nugentown and all the large trees are neat the property lines or corners.
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    Where is the biggest pine tree?

    I have at least one in the back yard that size I will measure it in the next couple of days.
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    Strange track?

    The track was in the sand but in an area covered with pine needles not the best spot for tracks it could have been 2 tracks on top of each other.
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    Ha Ha sure this is the link But i got it from this site.
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    new i map releae

    Thanks for the heads up we use this at work and it’s a lot easier than downloading each image. If you look at the road heading north from Lake Oswego you will see the smoke from a control burn.
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    Strange track?

    I spoke to a local hunter and trapper and he said it was probably coyotes. There is a pack of 8 of them or so. They are really raising heck around here with the horses. He asked all around and no bears yet but it won’t be long.
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    Found on the NJ I-map that there is at least one Timber Rattler in the section of woods behind my house. As of the last count.
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    Old NJ history books

    Thanks yes it is a binding error, I am not really worried about value and all of the pages look cut after binding not neatly sliced like modern books.
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    AC Press front page Area gets its share of bear sightings

    June 11, 2004 Area gets its share of bear sightings A young black bear has been sighted four times in the past two days as far south as Hammonton in Atlantic County, a state official said Thursday. "The first sighting was yesterday (Wednesday) at 7 a.m. in Batsto and Wharton State...
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    Tick`s & Chigger`s

    I’ve used something called Chiggeraid got it in New Egypt in a Pharmacy on 539. I don’t remember the name of the place but it was next to a bar. It works best for the itch.
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    Old NJ history books

    I recently purchased a 4-volume set about the history of NJ published in 1902. Some of the pages are still folded and not yet cut apart how is the best way to cut them. I am not a book collector but something this old should in my option be handled with care. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    South Jersey Magazine June Issue: Jersey Devil

    The ocean county library toms river branch has it.
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    building in springfield (link)

    I think its on 206 near where that war surplus place with the signs used to be.
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    Strange track?

    Last night something was in the yard. It dug up my dog that has been buried since last winter and was about 2 feet down. Whatever it is was large enough to shred through the blanket she was wrapped in. a road kill deer just up the street was also torn up. Next door there dog was barking up a...
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    Bear seen in Manchester,21625,967162,00.html
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    bass river

    Get off the parkway right after the Mullica River Bridge. That will be route 9 go to the first traffic light turn left go about 2 miles till you come to stage road bear right its about a mile on your left. The 2 closest towns are Tuckerton & New Gretna
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    $15.00 a cord

    I remember something like that back in the late 80’s in Bellplane SF. It was an area to be cleared and replanted with a diff species of tree.