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  1. Stamos

    Photo near my house in Shamong.

    Taken by me a few days ago on my way to work.
  2. Stamos

    Camping at Batona

    The girlfriend and I decided to camp at the Batona site this past Saturday into Sunday. Aside from two other people on the other side of the campground we were alone. The weather was unseasonably warm (IMO) for mid-late November, but cooled off nicely at night. We hiked with the dog for a few...
  3. Stamos

    Milk Thistle/Bee/Pollen

  4. Stamos

    Bottle hunting reccomendations

    Hello, my girlfriend and I like to explore the Pines with our Husky/Boxer mix quite often. We particularly enjoy looking for old trash dumps to explore and hopefully find bottles to add to our collection (small, but growing). Is it in bad taste to ask some reccomendations of legal places to...