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  1. firetech792

    Another forest fire in Atlantic County
  2. firetech792

    Wharton Forest Fire 06/10/11

    Firefighters battle forest fire in Wharton State Forest
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    Hamilton man found dead in Bass River SF

    Asbury Park Press link
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    Signs of the Times: NJFFS Furloughs

    News link & video
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    Many agree on need to thin pinelands, but disagree on whether to use fire or ax

    Many agree on need to thin pinelands, but disagree on whether to use fire or ax
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    Stafford-Barnegat Forest Fire Plan to be unveiled

    Asbury Park Press link, from today
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    Another fire near Atsion

    7pm. 06/28/08- ...A fire was just detected down in section B3. Don't know the size or exact location at this time. 246 degrees from Apple Pie so I'm guessing around the Shamong/Tabernacle border near Wharton SF. Multiple power wagons are on it, helo Delta 6 is enroute, Apple Pie tower is manned...
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    Barnegat Twp Wildfire 04/19/08 3 pm

    SECTION B5- Large Fire 04/19/08- 1500 hours Barnegat Twp- between RT 72 & W Bay Ave No size at this time. ICP is set up. (3) fixed wing air tankers and (2) helos working with multiple ground units. Some area homes were evacuated along with a boy scout camp. No control or containment at this...
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    NJFFS web site redesigned

    If any one is iterested, the NJ Forest Fire Service's official web site has been totally redesigned. Here is the link:
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    Coyote encounters- Crossley Clay Pits

    Just wondering if any one else has run into coyotes any where in the PBs. This was my first trip to Crossley (off Rt 530 in Berkley) and about a half mile in (past the power lines) we ran into a small pack. But they immediately bolted as soon as they saw us. (Jusy my fiance and I). Needless to...