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    Pine Barrens Fishing Question

    Okay folks I'm back with another fishing question! It seems like bullhead catfish are not unheard of in the Pine Barrens, we've caught a few here and there. I think my big question is how dense are the catfish populations in the Pine Barrens, and are they also known to inhabit old bogs with the...
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    Short Pinelands Documentary

    Hey Greg, I liked the video. A few years ago I brought up the possibility of green treefrog/PBTF competition and it turned into a good and informative discussion. See the link below: Also, I don't know...
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    Thanks Folks!

    Excellent! We will check them out!
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    Thanks Folks!

    Thanks everyone! 46er, about those rainbows, it wasn't for lack of trying! We did go out twice for rainbows and came up short. Once was a colder day in November, we tested out the new waders at Pequest/Lockwood and -nothing-, then we tried again more recently and we threw San Juan worms...
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    Thanks Folks!

    Okay I just have to put this up here because it's a funny coincidence. My younger son has taken a real interest in fly fishing. He sleeps with his fly rod (seriously). All winter long we've been tying flies together and casting in the backyard. I recently decided to take him somewhere to a...
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    You have a good point, I never considered the possibility of distal and proximal proximities before. :D
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    Thanks Folks!

    A few of you recently helped me with suggestions for places to get out and fish for pickerel, both in my fishing thread and over PM. We had a chance to get out a few times before the park restrictions and we were successful! My older son always outfishes me but I wouldn't have it any other way...
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    I'm very sorry for your loss
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    Hikes like Tom's Pond Trail

    Try the Mullica River Wilderness Trail, which is adjacent to Tom's Pond Trail (it's the yellow trail on the Wharton Map). Starting from Batsto Village, it hugs the river for a good stretch. It's a really nice hike, and from Batsto to the first campground is probably a 3-4 mile hike one way...
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    No, but that's not a bad idea, now I know what to ask my next of kin to do with my ashes :p From the EPA website: "Active recreation refers to a structured individual or team activity that requires the use of special facilities, courses, fields, or equipment. Examples of Active...
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    From what I have experienced so far, I agree that it will not. Active recreation will always bring in more money to the landowner and the parks systems than "passive recreation" (never liked that word), so the choice will often be an easy one for the landowner/parks system. Ironically, I don't...
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    Pine Barrens Fishing Question

    Thanks Rednek, the Atsion, Mullica and Batsto Rivers sound tempting to try.
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    Pine Barrens Fishing Question

    Thanks Fellas! Someone PM'ed me a few good points for PB fishing, which brought me to one more question if you don't mind-we have fished streams up here and had a blast, often looking for pools, bends and structure. Any pointers for fishing Pine Barrens streams? We find the streams more fun than...
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    Pine Barrens Fishing Question

    Earlier this summer, both of my boys (ages 8 and 11) took a more serious interest in fishing, and we got out a bit in our area here in Central NJ. They have expressed interest in fishing in the Pine Barrens, and I'd love to take them. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some decent places...
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    Great shot of the red-bellied cooter in that first pic Toothy Critter! Also, regarding mullein, the dried stalk makes a good hand drill for friction fire.
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    Green Treefrog Expanding Range

    Hey Al, great find, and really interesting! Regarding the hybridization in NJ, there was a thread about this a few years ago: I read a few years back about hybrids between the two in Florida, specifically...
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    Exploring Streams In Lacey Today

    Beautiful spots and great pics! Thank you for sharing!
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    Stupid Question. Re: Bird at Feeder

    Agree with 46er, female brown-headed cowbird. They do move in flocks in winter, often with red-winged blackbirds and starlings mixed in (sometimes grackles too), then the flocks break up in spring to nest and you'll see the individuals. BTW, they are nest parasites.
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    Music for the day

    Great song 46er.