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    AC Press front page Area gets its share of bear sightings

    June 11, 2004 Area gets its share of bear sightings A young black bear has been sighted four times in the past two days as far south as Hammonton in Atlantic County, a state official said Thursday. "The first sighting was yesterday (Wednesday) at 7 a.m. in Batsto and Wharton State...
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    Old NJ history books

    I recently purchased a 4-volume set about the history of NJ published in 1902. Some of the pages are still folded and not yet cut apart how is the best way to cut them. I am not a book collector but something this old should in my option be handled with care. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Strange track?

    Last night something was in the yard. It dug up my dog that has been buried since last winter and was about 2 feet down. Whatever it is was large enough to shred through the blanket she was wrapped in. a road kill deer just up the street was also torn up. Next door there dog was barking up a...
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    Bear seen in Manchester,21625,967162,00.html
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    Turkey vulture nests?

    I think I came across a nest last weekend I was about 15’ away and it looked like an old duck blind. One bird was walking back and forth on top and being very vocal when that one flew another took its place just one at a time on top but room for more. The top of the blind is an unlikely...
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    Sim Place Road

    Does anyone know why the gate is on Sim Place Road west of Warren Grove. Or who put it up. I would really like to get back there and canoe the Oswego
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    Pinebarren industries and agriculture

    APRIL 17, 2004 (Saturday) 2 PM AT THE GIFFORDTOWN SCHOOLHOUSE MUSEUM - Bud Wilson, a retired archaeologist for the State of New Jersey, will give a talk on Pinebarren industries and agriculture. Slides will be shown. I will be there for...
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    Stafford Forge Area

    I came across a cellar hole last weekend it didn’t look too old. I had never been on this stretch of road but had ridden in this area many times without knowing it was there. I wondered if anyone else knows some more about it. It was on the south side about ½ mile off the paved road...
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    Anyone have access to a large format flatbed scanner E-size

    My father-in-law gave me an old fire tower map yesterday if I can come up with a way to scan it would be a neat addition to the map galleries. It is mounted / pasted on a board so it will not go through the large roll scanner at work. It covers from Tuckerton to Millstone Twp and west to the...
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    Magellan sport-track question

    My GPS takes a lot longer to lock up the satellites than it used to. I recently uploaded about 200 points and was wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
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    Rechargeable Spot Light

    I am looking into purchasing one any suggestions? What about recharge times? Home Depot has one that will run off a lighter or the battery would that be the way to go?