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    What is this?

    I spotted this, and quite a few more like it, in the Tom's Pond/ Constable Bridge area on Saturday morning. It's some kind of hanging moss-- not part of the tree.
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    Fake Oil Discovery in South Jersey

    Pretty interesting article. Lived within a few miles for the first 18 years of my life and never heard of this until today.
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    WJAS Star Watch at Batsto

    If anyone is interested in this stuff... this group sets up their telescopes near the Batsto visitor center and allows the public to check out some views of planets, the moon, etc. Fun event for kids especially, I've taken my daughter a few times. Many of them even have stepstools set up to help...
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    2019 First Day Hikes

    Information for this coming new years day's planned guided hikes has been posted on the state's website. I'd like to do the Hampton to Atsion hike. I wonder if they will go down Riders Switch and then follow the tracks...
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    Google Earth Panoramio Layer Gone!

    I used to spend hours at a time scouring Google Earth's geotagged photos. In the past few days it seems they ended the service and apparently most of them are now lost forever, unless the poster manually transferred them to the newer, inferior Google Map Photos. What a shame, such a great...