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    An Education On Quail

    Absolutely nothing wrong with hunting or fishing stocked wildlife. Especially when it helps to get the youngsters to the outdoors to hunt or fish.
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    Fisherman catches alligator at Hamilton Game Preserve

    Hopefully our state idiots won't pull out the ticket book on him for posession. LOL It's happened before.
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    4 Rattlesnakes Along a Road

    It's only about a month early. But because the weather hasn't been normal for this time of year it could be triggering something in them to mate.
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    Attention NJ Forest Fire Service

    Chris, they do grow over "in time". It takes a long time but I've been down many roads in the 1970's that aren't passable anymore and you can't see as much as a trail. Roads that I used to herp on and hunt on. I don't agree with what they did here so I want to be clear on that. They could have...
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    Attention NJ Forest Fire Service

    Nah, looks more like Corzine's limo drove through there.:rofl:
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    Before you start pointing fingers here's a link to what the democrates did when Bush was running for president. Let's not attack one side.
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    I like your fishing analogy. But baiting a hook is like baiting deer and netting fish is like hunting deer without baiting. lol
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    Ok. The black bear population is more than stable and "they" have no natural predators so the hunts must take place. Also, black bear rarely capture and kill deer. They are omnivores but most of the deer they get to eat are road kills. Not a single predator that was once present in N.J. is gone...
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    Exotic and nongame wildlife permit questions

    The state will not allow you to keep a bobcat or any wild feline. It's still considered a wild feline even if it's domestic bred. Plus you state that you would keep it in your house with your domestic cats. Bobcats will not cohabitate with small domestic cats. They will eventually kill the cats...
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    Halloween walk?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I feel like a kid this time of year. lol:dance:
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    Halloween walk?

    Does anyone know of any Halloween activities in the Pine Barrens such as a Jersey Devil walk in the woods? This sounds like it would be fun to do.:jd:
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    Is this why Pine Snakes are a threatened species in the New Jersey Pine Barrens?

    I agree we are all in favor of protecting them.
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    Is this why Pine Snakes are a threatened species in the New Jersey Pine Barrens?

    Thanks for backing the facts that they are threatened and not endangered which is fact. The fact that you see more rattlesnakes than pine snakes does not change the status of the animal. You have the status of the pine snake as endangered but it's the rattlesnake thats endangered. Your personal...
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    Is this why Pine Snakes are a threatened species in the New Jersey Pine Barrens?

    Incorrect. I have friends that work for the state that would tell you the same thing. They aren't protected because the are rare or hard to find. They are protected because they are all too easy to find and habitat loss is a concern. It's a "threatened" species and not endangered.
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    Is this why Pine Snakes are a threatened species in the New Jersey Pine Barrens?

    A small reason why. The biggest problem is the bulldozing and developement. Once they have limited habitat they will find it hard to survive. Pine snakes are one of the most common snakes to be found in the Pine Barrens and their size makes them easy targets for illegal collecting and even cars.
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    Would like to observe spiders of the Pine Barrens at night

    I've looked for spiders and those huge green bugs that appear to be a cricket or katydid. I find them on the road at night. I don't like to walk that much because I always seen to walk face first into huge webs.
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    2010 pics

    Was the kingsnake out in the open? I seen one a month ago late in the day dead on the road. It was very upsetting because it was carrying partially developed eggs and they were all over the road.
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    Developers trying to delist pine snakes

    It's happened in the past but I doubt it in this case. Too soon for that.
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    Only fifty billion?
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    Dead on Road Coyote

    Darn it. Hunting season isn't until November. :mrgreen: