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    How Do I Delete a Picture From My Gallery?

    I was in faq's but could not post this. does anyone know how to delete a picture, if I entered a mistake?
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    cat for safe adoption

    :happycat:If anyone is interested in adopting this great silly cat or helping me get direction on putting him up for safe adoption. I am fostering him and he needs a home. Kookie needs a home. Lovable and lonely, "Kookie" cat needs a good home. Kookie has been displaced and is homeless due...
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    mystery cemetery birdsville

    Well, I am beginning to get a sense of closure on my mystery cemetery at birdville/ten mile hollow/dover forge. MH Septor was the volunteer caretaker of the property and the birdhouse maker. Someone who did know the family suggested that he "faked" a little cemetery and put the bones there to...
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    Hollow Field Cemetery

    Thanks everyone for connecting with me on my quest for Hollow Field Cemetery. I did find it. It is on the same trail as the Birdsville area, which I was looking for to begin with. I am almost sure that it is not the Birdsville Cemetery, although similar and close by. The Birdsville cemetery was...
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    So I just got the heads up that people are protective of these areas because of vandalism and now I understand why people aren't really directly answering me. It was kind of odd that it was a "discussion" forum and no one was doing much taking, but now I get it. I really just need a "general"...
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    weird new jersey

    :dance:My 16 year old son would like me to take hi on a "weird new jersey" day trip. any recommended routes of interest?
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    dover forge birdsville

    When I was much younger, myself and a friend of mine were wandering across from Dover Forge in an area we used to call Birdsville. Lining the way in, were alot of cute little birdhouse on the trees. Up to the right of that was a path called holly road. It had a little sign near a holly tree. If...