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  1. omega

    Jersey Devil Encounters?

    I'm working on a new project and would be interested in speaking with anyone who has had an experience in the Pines they might attribute to the Jersey(Leed's) Devil. PM me thru the forum. Thanks
  2. omega

    Batsto Country Living Fair 2008

    Batsto Country Living Fair 2008 Video Little video I put together after spending much of the day walking the grounds. County Living Fair video Shot this with my new HDV camcorder, and the raw tape looks incredible!, but had to output as regular DV and then compressed to WMV for upload...
  3. omega

    old School Charcoaling

    From PA that's the first in a series of 4 videos. Any old school charcoalers left in the Pines?
  4. omega

    Original Burlington County Courthouse

    It was not in Mount Holly, but in Burlington(the original county seat) At the corner of Broad and High Streets. I shot some tape of all four corners yesterday, but does anyone know upon which corner it stood? It was built in 1693, by 1795 it was so dilapidated the county freeholders refused...
  5. omega

    this is your web, this is your web on drugs

    One of the funniest video's I've seen on youtube you have to wait for it...
  6. omega

    For your listening pleasure

    You might want to check out a recent song I wrote. Shoretown was a bit cathartic for me after losing my dad to leukemia two years ago this Father's day. posted here because those that have been around a while might be able to relate. click here there are various songs up there, but...
  7. omega

    identify this?

    can anyone identify this structure in Annie's members gallery/ she says its along rte 322 near route 40.
  8. omega


    My wife and I got a day without the kids so we headed down to Atsion yesterday. I haven't been there in a while. It seems in that short time things have deterioriated even more. It was a gorgeous day, lot better than today with the snow! It is April right? :o Anyway I posted a few new...