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  1. Adam Buchler

    looking for clay

    So I know the barrens are mostly sandy soils but I was wondering if anyone knows where I can dig some clay in south jersey. I need about 7-8 utility buckets.....around 35-40 gallons. I am trying to source materials to build a cob oven(outdoor earthen oven to bake bread, pizzas, etc). I...
  2. Adam Buchler

    fishing to eat

    Does anyone know good places to fish if I'm looking to catch and eat?
  3. Adam Buchler


    So my gf loves horseback riding but she hasn't done it in years. I have only done it once years ago. But, it's our anniversary soon so I wanted to take her horseback riding. I was thinking it would be nice to ride some trails in Wharton or maybe even down the shore area for a few hours. Can...
  4. Adam Buchler

    camping/canoeing with my lady

    My girlfriend has never camped before but she is thrilled about the idea. So, I want to take her camping and canoeing but I don't know where to begin. I would like to camp somewhere relatively secluded so it doesn't seem like we are anywhere near civilization. Also, I would like to be close to a...
  5. Adam Buchler

    "Finding Bigfoot" in a rut

    So it seems that Wharton Superintendent is giving the "Finding Bigfoot" a hard time about filming there(hasn't rejected the idea completely, but is giving some resistance). As a backup plan the producers are asking me to find people who own large tracts of wooded land(preferably 50+ acres). If...
  6. Adam Buchler

    'Finding Bigfoot' is coming to the Pines

    The makers of Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' contacted me through my site recently. I have spoken with there producers over the phone and they want to come to the Pines to shoot an episode of 'Finding Bigfoot.' I will be giving them a tour of the Pines prior...
  7. Adam Buchler

    The moment you've all been waiting for...

    I'm still working on the site so all of the content is not up yet. Check it out anyway and I'd appreciate any feedback. Oh, and....don't get too excited:smug:
  8. Adam Buchler


    anyone out there knowledgeable when it comes to starting a web page?
  9. Adam Buchler

    Lower Forge camping

    Has anyone camped lower forge? It says no vehicles but I have a lot of stuff to carry so I am trying to figure out how close I can get my truck to the site to unload it. Anybody familiar with the area?
  10. Adam Buchler

    Who wants to go bigfooting with me??

    I want to plan several night time outings in the pines for August. Anyone who is interested get in touch with me. You can message me on here or call/text 856-275-1658. I figure I would give some of you skeptics a chance to prove yourselves wrong. Generally we go out anywhere between 8pm-2am...
  11. Adam Buchler

    bridge to batsto

    There has been a detour on 542 for several months now leading to Batsto from hammonton because of a bridge being repaired. Anyone know why its taking so long to fix?
  12. Adam Buchler


    So I have noticed these ruts about a foot deep that look man made that parallel roads and trails near batsto. I was thinking that the were bike trails but they are not marked and then start and end all over the place. Can anyone tell me what these are?
  13. Adam Buchler

    ML or bobcat?

    My palm is 3.75in across and size 11 shoe
  14. Adam Buchler

    Sasquatch in the Pines

    So last MDW a friend and I had an "encounter" if you want to call it that. Now I know a lot of you pineys think this is dumb because eeeeverybody knows bigfoot isn't real....just like eeeeeveryone knew the earth was just here me out. I had been researching the whole bigfoot thing...