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    Cedar Creek is great also! Just don't start at Bamber Lake. That first stretch is not paddled often and has a lot of debris. All the Wharton routes are great, except for the crowds on the weekends as MullicaMan said. Tried the Egg Harbor right below New Brooklyn Lake and that was a...
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    Cool critters in the pines pics

    That picture is great! Now I see why they are such good diggers!
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    Strange stuff at Atsion

    Jokerman, I don't think anyone actually lives there year-round and I don't believe the owner of the property is poor. I met the owner once while investigating that area for the first time. I believe the boy you refer to is his grandson. He refered to the "gazebo" as a pre-fab and said...
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    Crumbling state parks

    So, if we are penny-pinching, why take on the costs associated with re-naming a State Forest? Lebanon....
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    Mount Korbar?

    I think I looked at the stone/memorial with my binoculars from Moores Meadow Road once. I don't remeber what it said. I thought that was a better idea than trespassing. Last year when I went by the house in the picture there was an old car under the carport on the side. I think it was that...
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    Abel and Mary Nicholson House

    Sounds like a historical Goldmine!!
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    I will definitely check it out! I've always thought about stopping there when I was in the area (Estell Manor, etc..) I do remember the main entrance looking as if it was blocked or something though. I got the feeling it was cluttered from the outside! Sounds neat!
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    Bobcats in the Pines- maybe evidence

    Don't think a cat could do those. I could be wrong but I thought their claws were not extended while they walked.?
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    Red Oak Grove

    Al doesn't make me nervous! Where's the love y'all?
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    Anyone come across Robins in the Pines often? The ones I see out there seem a little different from your backyard variety. Their colors are a little more mottled and they seem to be noisier.
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    Red Oak Grove (and Union Clay Graves)

    They should make the fines heavier for all illegal activities in the pines. (ie. vandalism, dumping/littering).
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    Speedwell Furnace

    Awesome find!!! There's still stuff to be found out there!! How neat is that! Was it buried? What will you do with it?
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    Pictures worth a thousand words

    Anyone have a guess on the behavior of the fox? I didn't sneak up on it. I followed it into the woods and it layed down and went to sleep in front of me. Very odd...
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    Pictures worth a thousand words

    I posted the pic of the sleeping fox in my gallery.
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    Pictures worth a thousand words

    Thanks. I just signed up recently but have read the posts on this site from time to time. I am trying to "catch up" on most of the posts. There is a lot to read!! I spotted the fox and his den near Friendship Bogs. He was quite active about a year ago. I visited him quite a few times...
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    Amazing plant diversity

    Are you sure they weren't deer ticks Bruset? I've had that same scenario before. Three or four times I have encountered what looks like a "dust bunny" or clump of dirt on my leg and it turned out to be hundreds of ticks. Yuk!
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    Homemade Bug Spray Really Works

    I had trouble finding it as well. You actually park on the shoulder of rt539 to access this area. Coming from rt 72 I think there is a greenwood sign on the left about 100ft before the bog that is on the right side. If I go there this weekend I will see if the mileage is accurate. If you have...
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    Homemade Bug Spray Really Works

    The spot in greenwood is referred to as Webb's Mill frequently. That is a great spot. There is a footbridge for observing, but to really find the frogs you'll have to get down and dirty. Unless you are satisfied in hearing their calls only. (nothing wrong with that) If it is cloudy/rainy they...
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    Pine Barren Sandwort (in bloom)

    Another good spot is right next to Harrisville ruins/Bodine Field. It is about 200ft in from rt 679 along one of the roads leading to Bodine. Haven't checked it out this year though.
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    Pine Barren Sandwort (in bloom)

    Usually lots of prickly pear too!