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    This site is under new managment

    Is there any way to make the new site "Jeffd proof" and keep him out for good?
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    Snake Crossing Road

    Bring back DDT and kill rattlesnakes? You are one confused nature lover.
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    Snake Crossing Road

    Jeff, after reading most of your comments about how to manage the Pine Barrens, I think the best thing you could to is move to Alaska and never come back.
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    Snake Crossing Road

    Jeff, after reading most of your comments about how to manage the Pine Barrens, I think the best thing you could to is move to Alaska and never come back.
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    Seeking Guitarists / Country Musicians

    WHAT? No Bill Monroe?
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    Andrews Road and Government Site?

    I know the north end of Andrews road has been blocked for years to keep people from driving up to the old canoe put-in @ the lake (High Bridge). A year or so later they blocked the southern end. As for the test site, this is the first time I've heard of it. This 'test' area appears to be South...
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    How many 4 wheelers/off roaders do we have here?

    How many 4 wheelerse here? Talk to a surf fisherman with a beach buggy, they would be able to help you with tires.....
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    Has anyone heard of the Blue Hole?

    Sounds like Tom has found Hidden Lakes.
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    Batona Trail

    I hear there was a death/murder on the Batona Trail last week-end. Not sure of the details, a friend said she heard it on 101.5. Anyone know what happened?
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    A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME....................

    I hope Byrne can convince McGreevey to make the right choices when he fills those empty seats on the Pinelands Commission.
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    I found it!

    Sounds like you found a feeder strip, there are quite a few of these along the roads in Passadena-Greenwood Forest WMA. As for the road you were on, if you continue east, you should come out at Bamber Lake. If you go west of 539, should bring you out to Wheatland (aka Passadena). The tracks you...
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    A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME....................

    I don't think I'll ever adjust to calling it Brendan T. Byrne State Forest.
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    World Trade Center

    Guy, did you ever talk to your brother about Tom Brown? I would like to hear what other folks think of him.
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    World Trade Center

    Just to clarify.......I was under the impression that the Settlers Inn was the largest LOG building in the world. I forgot about Anapa's. When I mentioned Mayo's and Claytons, I was refering to buildings built with logs (in their natural state, if that makes sense) from the area. I'm not sure...
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    JCRR marker

    I know exactly the spot you are talking about. Back around 1970(+/-) a JCRR train derailed at that location. There were 5-6(+/-) 'sand hopper' cars scattered along the tracks on their sides. I believe the siding was constructed there and a crane on a flatbed car was brought in to remove the...
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    white stakes near Carranza monument

    Your 'Strange Marker' post must be on the 'OLD' forum......would like to read it.
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    Friendship bogs history

    Best book that I know of is 'Heart of the Pines'. Check the book store at Batsto, price is around $50, but worth every penny!
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    World Trade Center

    What a great picture! Over the past few years, I have taken a few courses on Search & Rescue. A few years back I went to a search in Wharton @ 2am to assist looking for a lost boy scout. Got a chance to meet SAR teams from all over S. Jersey. All volunteers! I overheard a conversation in which...
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    Protecting Communities from Wildfire

    Yes, wildland firefighting in the Pine Barrens is unique. The special machinery used to cut ditches, aka plow lines, are small dozers w/fire plows pulled behind. Almost all of the plow lines in the Pine Barrens are 'installed' and maintained prior to forest fires as a prevention, not when fires...
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    World Trade Center

    Lets try this again...........I met Tom Brown back in the late 70's @ the Settlers Inn in Medford. The Pine Barrens Press sponsored a 'meet the author' lunch. This was just after his book was published. He talked about his book and answered questions, as did the other authors. Autographed copies...