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    Batona Trail

    I hear there was a death/murder on the Batona Trail last week-end. Not sure of the details, a friend said she heard it on 101.5. Anyone know what happened?
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    A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME....................

    I don't think I'll ever adjust to calling it Brendan T. Byrne State Forest.
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    Fire tower info

    A good source for tower info is the Forest Fire Lookout Assc. You can try to contact Bob Wolfe @ NJFFS Hqts (Div. "A") in Franklin NJ. If I remember correctly, the # is 201-827-6100.
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    I have been checking on to this site every chance I can. I do not have the have a computer at my house, only limited access at work (1 or 2 times a month) I look foward to reading all the new entries each time I can get on (again:1 or 2 times a month). What do I see? The same entries that I saw...