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  1. manumuskin

    Shipwreck I was planning a kayak trip out to some isolated Delaware Bay beaches to do some arrowhead hunting.I was looking on Google Earth and measuring my route when I noticed this shipwreck.It measures...
  2. manumuskin

    Where can I find out about burn schedules?

    I just too my wife and the dogs up to Howardsville today to let the dogs run in the field.I hadn't been there in probably ten years.We pull up to the road in which is usually gated and it was hanging open with fresh truck tracks.Thats when we looked ahead and noticed smoke.They were in the...
  3. manumuskin

    Pink Clay

    A friend and I were out exploring the new property bought by the state surrounding the Holly farm and I found very recent evidence of surveying along some corner monuments. Aslo while walking through a gravel pit we found some patches of a very odd purplish pink clay. It appeared flaky and at...
  4. manumuskin

    Millville the Cold Hole I have often wondered about this since My first vehicle with a temp reading was bought.I have been living in Laurel lake since then,actaually constantly since 93. I have noticed...
  5. manumuskin

    Holly Farm to be Preserved!
  6. manumuskin

    Salem Oak A sad day for South Jersey
  7. manumuskin

    Green Treefrog Expanding Range

    In I believe 2012 a study was done on the expanding Green Treefrog population that had recently "Jumped" the Delaware River and had shown up in Salem county and extreme western Cumberland county. Well it appears they have also jumped the Cohansey.Last night Whipoorbill did a thirty minute...
  8. manumuskin

    Historic Highways of America At his url there is a list of books that detail the historic highways of America.They go for over a thousand bucks hard copy.You can download them free as ebooks from have also...
  9. manumuskin

    Secret room discovered under house turns out to be part of American history

    Not Barrens related but interesting nonetheless
  10. manumuskin

    Insects Published 1 day ago Insects invading Virginia and Pennsylvania could be 'most destructive sp
  11. manumuskin

    Strange carved stone found 'buried' under New Jersey river puzzles locals
  12. manumuskin

    Police in New Jersey search for alligator on the loose
  13. manumuskin

    Plany Effigy

    Can anyone tell me what this is? I"ll be in this area next month and may stop and give it a gander.
  14. manumuskin

    600 acres along Menantico Creek preserved in Vineland Yeah baby! Been trespassing in those woods since the 70's! Some nice woods there!
  15. manumuskin

    Portuguese man-of-war washes ashore in Wildwood Crest Had one of these bastards wash around my ankle while me and Mom were walking the beach in Fort lauderdale back in 76.Worst pain i think I have ever experienced.I hate them
  16. manumuskin

    Bridgeton teen drowns at Menantico Ponds
  17. manumuskin

    Atlantic White Cypress

    A couple months ago I was reading backpacker Magazine when I seen a short article on the batona Trail and the Pine Barrens.The article made two mistakes.Namely it said that Pine Barren Treefrogs were endemic to South Jersey which their not and the article four times referred to the Atlantic...
  18. manumuskin

    Cumberland County Arrowheads

    I have a friend who is a master and finding arrowheads.We had not been out hunting in a long time.I had located some potential new sites using topos and aerials and a property site i use to make sure we were not Trespassing and I took Him with me as the ground man because He finds an average of...
  19. manumuskin

    The Story of NJ Civil Boundaries 1606-1968 Free Ebook. .A few folks on here I thought might appreciate it.
  20. manumuskin

    Thick Hole

    I Just received an email from a botanist friend of mine and the file below was included.He was asking if I knew of a place called Thick Hole which I do not.It seems to be a hold out for the rare Fringetree.We have both encountered the tree along the Manumuskin upstream from Cumberland Pond and...