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  1. Teegate

    Various From This Morning

    Our first stop this morning was at Coyle Field. I saw a photo on Facebook from a hill at that location where I have visited many times. Here is a photo just before sunset I took on 8/8/2004. We had gone there to specifically watch the sunset. Anyway, I decided to take a photo from a...
  2. Teegate

    Power Lines

    We walked over 12,000 steps this morning and made it to the power lines in Medford in the vicinity of Sharps Mountain. We did not find anything we were looking for. We found a route that will help me get to a spot I want to visit that may have some historical information you all should be...
  3. Teegate

    Today Near Warren Grove

    Jessica and I were looking for various things this morning, and while riding down a road we came upon an abandoned or disabled car right in the road. The tags had been removed and the car was a mess. Beyond what you can see in the photos the bottom of the car was ripped up. I tried to call the...
  4. Teegate

    Fighter Jets Over Red Lion Circle

    I have never seen them flying in this area. They are very hard to see. Look at the top of the screen.
  5. Teegate

    Vivid Camera Setting

    I played around with the settings on my new camera and set the "vivid" setting all the way up to see what it did. Today we tested "vivid." I think I need to lower it quite a bit. We then went to the north shore of the Bulltown Bogs , which by the way is pretty remote, and took...
  6. Teegate

    The story of the defense of the New Jersey Pine Barrens against illegal off-road vehicles.
  7. Teegate

    Exploring Today

    All, I purchased a new camera and went out today to try and start learning how it works. We started our day looking for stones that I calculated from a copy of an old map I have . It was the property of William Rogers in 1867. I know where two of the property stones are but the others are what...
  8. Teegate

    Summer 2020 SoJourn

    All, If you are interested in the Bear Swamp Hill plane crash, a viewer of this site read my post concerning the crash and became interested in it. We corresponded for a short while and now he has written an article about it that is in the new SoJourn magazine. You can purchase it on Amazon and...
  9. Teegate

    Carranza Memorial Sign

    All, In 1973 when I first visited the Carranza Memorial, the below photo was taken of myself on the left and my brother on the right. How long that sign had been there is obviously unknown; however, we now know at least how long a sign has been there at that location with the information...
  10. Teegate

    Today Near Sharps Mountain

    All, We again visited the Sharps Mountain area this morning and walked over 5 miles exploring and stone searching. Our first find was the stone below which is mentioned on at least one deed as far back as 1854. As I was on the ground at the stone, a frog jumped and landed in front of me...
  11. Teegate

    The Green Limb Branch

    For those of you who find interest in the names of various odd streams, this waterway flowing to the Alquatka Branch is the Green Limb Branch. The bogs have eliminated the rest of the stream which you can see in the 1942 topo's and earlier...
  12. Teegate

    Conservation Organizations, Congressman Kim Celebrate $94,000 Grant for Atlantic White-Cedar
  13. Teegate

    N.J. Pinelands are a tinderbox; much of Pa. is in drought watch. Major wildfires could happen on the East Coast, too.

    Forester Bob Williams is mentioned.
  14. Teegate

    Public Asked to Be Alert for EHD in Deer
  15. Teegate

    New Jersey Hunting & Trapping Explorer

    The Division of Fish and Wildlife is proud to introduce its new NJ Hunting & Trapping Explorer application! This application will help you plan your hunting or trapping outing and navigate in the field. It provides interactive maps of hunting and trapping zones for multiple wildlife species and...
  16. Teegate

    Savoy Death

    Maybe a little old.
  17. Teegate

    Another Green Snake

    Searching in the woods between Speedwell and Friendship and found this today. The green snakes always want to fight.
  18. Teegate

    Braddocks Stone Hill

    All, Early this morning, Jessica and I spent a few hours, and walked 4 miles in the area of Sharps Mountain getting to and exploring Braddocks Stone Hill. If my info is correct it really is not a hill like Sharp's Mountain is. Anyway, various deeds say different thing, but it is clear one of...
  19. Teegate

    Atsion Recreation Are Opening

    We are pleased to announce the reopening of Atsion Recreation Area for picnicking, fishing and boating activities beginning Monday, September 14. Please note that the swim area is closed for the season. We sincerely appreciate the public's patience and understanding as we worked to manage one...
  20. Teegate


    Jess and I visited this causeway today near Whitesbog, and decided to not cross. At one time it was one of the main routes from the Mt. Misery area north. Today it is part of Lebanon State Forest (BB). In 1930 it appears you could drive across it but you can't even walk it without basically...