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  1. The Wick

    Autumn so far...

    Nice shots, would of loved to hear them coyotes too!
  2. The Wick

    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Is this suggesting there was a cold spell in June? Cranberries are not harvested until fall, So was the fruit damaged or the vines?
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  4. The Wick

    The story of the defense of the New Jersey Pine Barrens against illegal off-road vehicles.

    I get the feeling that this is somehow going to be against all motor vehicle traffic in the pines.
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    Am I a Piney Now?

    Is this the cement block ruins with the big sandy hill right behind it?
  6. The Wick

    Forked River Mountain

    Took a walk up to Forked River Mountain on Saturday night at 8:00 and it was 49 degrees! The stars and moon were out and you could see Saturn and Jupiter. You could see the flashing colors of the ferris wheel in Seaside Heights. All the cement barriers are still sitting up there in the same...
  7. The Wick

    Buffins Meadows

    Is that where the name for the Upton station came from?
  8. The Wick

    Starting to see fall color

    As a kid it was the best time to explore all the salt marshes near the bay too. You could get to all the areas normally off limits during the summer without dealing with the green heads, mosquito's and the muck.
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    Lawrence Line Survey I dont know why it moved off my spot but, here is a stab at it again
  10. The Wick

    Lawrence Line Survey lt was about here
  11. The Wick

    Lawrence Line Survey

    Is #15 the one that is near Howardsville? If so I have been to it. Why is this one different from the rest?
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    Nothing Special here in Lacey. Sat on the porch to watch but it barely rained here.
  13. The Wick

    Various From Today

    I believe it! I live in Forked River and left the cover off my empty garbage can in front of my garage. It had over 3 " in the bottom when I emptied it at 5:00 today
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    Is that the station with the cement building next to it? Maybe that one is on Mt Misery Rd?
  15. The Wick

    Hiker's Beware

    Perhaps, I am missing something. That does not make sense to me. Aren't the newer cars safer and produce less emissions than older cars?
  16. The Wick

    Webbs Mill flooded since July 22nd

    If they close that part of the road behind the swamp you can still access the woods through Jones road instead of Webbs Mill, so it would not be a complete loss of access. rd Edit by Teegate: I...
  17. The Wick

    INTERVIEW: Cliff Simon goes ‘Into the Unknown’ looking for the supernatural

    I hope it will be better than when they tried to find Bigfoot in the Pines some years ago.
  18. The Wick

    Stealth camping and caterpillars

    Must be some special time for them caterpillars. I was out walking around the Lacey Materials on Saturday and I kept finding them all over the place. The odd thing was they were all in the middle of a gravel pit and no where near any trees or vegetation.
  19. The Wick

    Kayaking on the Wading River

    Where is the depression in the ground where the tavern stood?
  20. The Wick


    Raptors are such amazing creatures! If you ever get a chance to visit the Raptor Trust near Lord Stirling Park in Morris County its pretty cool. I wouldn't drive up there just to go, but always stop if we are in the area. Seeing a golden eagle or some of the owls local to our state there is amazing!