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  1. MariaV

    Nj Covered Bridges

    Ah, gotcha.
  2. MariaV

    Nj Covered Bridges

    What do you mean by legitimate?
  3. MariaV

    Great Egg Harbor River Paddle

    I did my first trip on the Great Egg Harbor River a couple weeks ago, putting in at Weymouth, courtesy of Winding River Campground. Some beautiful fall color starting to come in.
  4. MariaV

    Mullica River Paddle

    I paddled the Mulllica yesterday from 1st Beach to Lock's Bridge with a couple of friends. Beautiful weather, and we saw many turtles sunning themselves along the way. Here are some pictures. A Red-bellied Turtle, and I think a Painted Turtle in the back. Or is that a smaller Red-bellied...
  5. MariaV

    Goshen Pond Images

    Thanks for the ID. I thought it was some kind of toad.
  6. MariaV

    Goshen Pond Images

    I took a picture of this little guy a couple months ago. Very tiny toad. I almost stepped on it. My lens cap is next to him for scale. I haven't had any luck identifying the species. Does anyone know? Is it a Fowler's toad?
  7. MariaV

    Starting to see fall color

    Same here.
  8. MariaV

    Starting to see fall color

    Beautiful! My favorite time of year!
  9. MariaV

    Goshen Pond Images

    Correction! This dragonfly is actually an Eastern Pondhawk.
  10. MariaV

    Goshen Pond Images

    They are pretty cool! And a little easier to photograph than Damsel flies, which flutter around more.
  11. MariaV

    Goshen Pond Images

    Yes, I did. I used PlantSnap and that's what it came up with. I think the app does an educated guess so it might not be accurate. You take a picture of a plant, and it tries to identify it from the picture. I found this plant among some bushes along the bank of Goshen Pond. I took it a couple...
  12. MariaV

    Goshen Pond Images

    Rhododendron Atlanticum (Coastal Azalea)
  13. MariaV

    Goshen Pond Images

    I changed the title of this post to Goshen Pond Images. The pond is a favorite subject of mine. I just moved to Waterford Township late last year, and it's very close to my house. Such a beautiful place to take pictures. This is a Slaty Skimmer dragonfly taken at the pond this summer. Feel free...
  14. MariaV

    Blue Mushroom

    Very cool!
  15. MariaV

    Three routine shots combined

    Neat shot!
  16. MariaV

    Goshen Pond Images

    Posting my first picture. This is a shot of an Orchard Spider I took at Goshen Pond recently.
  17. MariaV

    Medford wildlife refuge in danger of closing

    Such a great organization. I visited it for the first time a couple months ago. I also just attended a volunteer orientation session with them just as the pandemic was breaking out in March. Ironically, I was hoping to volunteer with grant writing, which they'll need now more than ever to raise...
  18. MariaV

    Fitness Trackers

    I have a Fitbit, and I'm pleased with it, although it doesn't work well for tracking when I ride my horse. 15 minutes of riding him registers as 10,000 steps. :D
  19. MariaV

    Not too late to plan to go on a 2020 First Day Hike

    Yes! Just some flurries where I was.