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  1. mike242424

    possible change in our weather pattern?

    I know nothing about weather patterns and how they work and what not, but does anyone notice the past few years whenever we get a fair amount of snow precipitaion it almost always switches to rain. My memory may be blurry but i never really remember it doing that before the last few years. I...
  2. mike242424

    abandoned house on 532

    Anyone know the stroy behind the abandoned white house on 532 near tabernacle and chatsworth border. I believe the guys name was Morris Sklar. I found tax envelopes bills and checks all over the place from the 1970's. Anyone know anything?
  3. mike242424


    whats the deal with these needles washing up on beaches in New jersey. Are they tracking back to whos dumping them in the Ocean. I think its a disgrace that they are dumping hazardous waste in the ocean. I read a few articles on this and they have washed up in avalon, brigintine, atlantic city...
  4. mike242424

    closed to public

    anyone know why the public access point next to chatsworth lake is closed? I go back there occasionally. Maybe something to do with an injury in the water hole?
  5. mike242424

    freshwater clams

    Kind of a random topic but i've heard of a few people stumbling upon freshwater clams in sandy shallow spots of local lakes. I myself have dug up a few and so has my brother. I was curious as to know if these guys are edible. If not here anywhere else in the country?
  6. mike242424

    Looking for a small tractor

    I'm looking for a small tractor just to use for grating my dirt road. I'm not looking to spend too much money but am looking for a small good running tractor with a blade to grate my long dirt driveway
  7. mike242424

    Stage road in New Gretna

    Maybe locals of New Gretna could answer this but i was driving down stage road and for some reason the Batsto park the road is very hazardous and they actually have signs saying hazardous road conditions. Does anyone know why they put the signs up instead of just fixing the road? I really could...
  8. mike242424

    Yellow Billed Cuckoo

    For all of you bird watchers I was doing yardwork this morning and heard and interesting bird. Being intersted I recorded it and found the bird online. It turned out to be a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo. Apparently they come up here to breed in the summer then migrate south in the winter. Are these bird...
  9. mike242424

    The things you find in the woods

    Its sad to see that people dump their unneeded stuff in the woods. However, some of the stuff I stumble upon makes me wonder. I took a short walk off of Moores Meadow today and found this statue standing upright as seen below all by itself. Its really not even in that bad of shape. Some things...
  10. mike242424

    A nice hike in the pines

    Today i hiked this area as seen below in the link and it was a gorgeous day to be in the pines. If someone could tell me the river I was hiking along that'd be great. I'm not a big kayaker or canoer so i'm only where of the Mullica and some other major rivers...
  11. mike242424

    Hampton Road

    I took a ride down Hampton Road today and took a few pictures
  12. mike242424

    Earlys Crossing

    I was in the Earlys Crossing area today and was curious if anyone knew who Early was or why it was named that.
  13. mike242424

    Trip to Round Valley

    On Saturday I went to Round Valley Resevoir in Hunterdon County in search for some trout. I didn't turn out lucky however I got to see a few heft lake trout that some others had caught and it was a beautiful day. Anyone who hasn't been there before I recomend you go its easy to get there. heres...
  14. mike242424

    Trout Fishing

    Does anybody know any good waters for trout fishing? Rivers or Lakes doesn't matter.
  15. mike242424

    Push Line Road

    It was a beautiful day to be outdoors today. I took a nice ride down the Push Line Road from near High Crossing all the way passed Lower Forge out to Route 206 when it turns to Quaker Bridge. Its a little bit of a ride but its a very cool area to be in
  16. mike242424

    little swamp

    I'd say about an eighth mile past moores meadow road going south on Carranza on the right is a little narrow trail. It only goes in about 50 feet then you can see where someone dumped brush and what not. Well i noticed an old fire trench ahead that ran parallel to Carranaza. I took it south and...
  17. mike242424

    A little walk in the woods

    Theres this little bridge i love thats located off of the hampton furnace road. If your coming from carranza i believe its your first right. Its a really narrow bridge with fairly steep hills on both sides. Anyways i was working my way back there and my camera ran out of juice. I did get a...