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  1. Pandrews

    Old Skating Rink in EHC

    Does anyone know about a rink that used to be in Egg Harbor City, either ice skating or roller skating? I'm not sure which one, although I'm leaning more toward ice skating. I read something about it somewhere and now I have no idea where I read it and i can't find any information on it. I'm...
  2. Pandrews

    Batsto Mansion

    Posting because I like Batsto - Here ya go!
  3. Pandrews

    Exploring the Pine Barrens

    Hello all! I'm pretty excited to finally have an account - I've been exploring this site for months now. I'm really interested in the history and abandoned places of the Pine Barrens. I've grown up off Moss Mill Rd most of my life, camping on Oswego Lake, exploring the woods as a kid, etc. and...