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    Little Hawkin Run ... A PBX Hike

    Great Pictures and Great story.Wish I was able to join you,but you would need a hellicopter to get me out.Your reports are great.Makes me feel i was with you .Keep the stories coming.Thank You All
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    Luke at Lock's: My New Pines Buddy

    Great pictures Grandpop.Congratulations to you and Dottie.I remember taking my three daughters to Square Circle swimming and trout fishing and target shooting.Now I am blessed with sevsn Grand Children.Enjoy every minute with them.
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    Atsion To Boot Hill

    Hi Scott That picture is Dave Amoto's old home stead.Shame his family in Hammonton did not take care of Dave's place after he passed on. Point of interest.:Years ago Dave's home needed a coat of paint.A group of Enduro Riders,and their families showed up and made Dave's place look like...
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    Unusual Memorial to a Young Man in the Pines

    Scott.......Very interesting find and reading.Don't know what you will find in the Pine Barrens.How did you do with the coyote's?
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    Fish Factory

    Great pictures from a drone
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    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    I am surprised at the two previous responses..The closing of one road is not acceptable.The roads we are talking about have been in use the last 200 years.They have been all public roads.We all have to join this fight to keep OUR roads open.When a hiker gets cut, we all bleed..
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    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton A petition can be seen on the above web site.3131 have signed it so far.
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    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    I received a message on my phone from an employee of the N.J.Fish and Wildlife.I contacted him Monday as I spent the weekend at the shore.I spent most of the time telling him why the public roads should not be signed off. He obviously had no idea as to how many people use the Wharton Forest for...
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    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Most of you don't know who I am.I go by Y-BUC-BILL My given name is Bill Schemel..I first got acquinted with the Wharton Estate in 1943.Leason Small was the caretaker..Leason always said.....I cant stop you from using the roads "they are all public,but if you wat to deer hunt you better have a...
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    Penn Swamp Branch, a PBX Explore

    Really a great report on Your Penn Swamp Outing.The pictures were super.Seems like I was on the hike with you all.Scott told me about the hike.Scott reminds me of the Piney's I have known.Scott is a great friend.Guess we have a lot in common.Please keep the reports coming.Wish I could come...
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    Re-Exploring the Forked River Mountains

    You all talk about the new bridges and the old bridges.Prior to the State buying the Wharton Estate Y0u drove through the water....NO BRIDGES AT ALL.
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    Rattlesnake And A Stones

    Fellow Pineys Have been roaming the Pines since 1941.At that time it was the Wharton Estate.Time flys by.I could not be able to young people.Love to read about your stories and your pictures are awesome.Please keep them coming.
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    Short Interesting Morning

    Before The State acquired the Wharton Estate There were a lot of Gun Clubs on what is now the Wharton State Forest.That was in the early 40's.The G.I. Club.,Dividing Creek Gun Club to mention a couple.When the State demolished the clubs,that was the end of an era.Shame.
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    A Look Inside Lenape Farms WMA

    Hi Scott...Great report on a great piece of property.Looks like the State Division of Fish and Wildlife will control who use's it.Good or bad??
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    Bass River Headwaters Area ... A PBX Hike

    Sure like the way you cover your outings with info and pictures,capped with a Happy Hour.There is no way that I can be with you in person.Looking forward to more hikes and pictures.Thanks fellow Pineys
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    Retreat Preserve...A PBX Special Hike

    I appreciate your pictures and reports of your hikes.If I was dumb enough to join you.You would need to get me out with a helicopter.The next best thing is reading about your adventures.I first got acquainted with Wharton Estate in the year 1942. That was before the State of NJ purchased the...
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    Pine Barrens 4WD Question from Newb

    I remember driving the trails before 4 wheel drive became popular.That was back in the 40's.World War II made them popular.The most the trails were used was during six day firearms season..that was before the State bought the Wharton Estate.
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    Pickin Blueberries

    Roland of Retreat .I know he has pick your own blueberry's
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    Perchin' The Pines

    Hi Scott Kyle is really a nice guy.,as are all of you.Nice to see a group such as yours get along as one big family. Sorry to say no one Hunts,Fish's or Traps in my family.