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    The Pine Barrens special editon with photos

    on Ebay. This time there are three of them. One of them is in South Jersey. Anyone know who that is? Just type Pine Barrens in the search bar and hit enter. You'll find them. Just thought people would like to know, Barry
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    Bog iron grave markers- great article!!

    Go to the Archaeological Society of NJ website ( ), then click on publications. Then click on Bulletin #48 1993. The article in this bulletin is the result of some great research done on our bog iron grave markers, and catalogs exactly where they all...
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    Trip to Cape May County------- email

    Did someone email me regarding this? I thought I saw a message in my inbox, but it's not there now. It looks as though I accidentally deleted it. If you e-mailed me about the trip, please do so again and I'll answer you. Thanks, Barry P.S.- if you don't know about this trip, see the "people...
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    Trip to Cape May County, Sat., Aug. 24

    Email me for directions to my house if you would like to, at If you live in or north of Atlantic County it might be easier to go down with me. I'll be leaving between 10:15 and 10:30. We'll meet up at Seaview Cemetery, which is on Route 9 across from the Second Cape May...
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    The Pines, Robert Dunbar- signed 1st edition

    On Ebay, bidding is at $1.99. Now's your chance to get this book, and it's a signed copy no less. Bidding ends on the 21st. But be advised, it's a horror novel. It is about the NJ Pine Barrens though and uses real place names. Barry
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    Pine Barrens- special edition with photos Opening bid is 4 bucks. If you are looking for this book, now's your chance.
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    New topic in the Nature and Ecosystem forum

    Check it out. Barry
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    How old can some of our plants get??

    I don't know who would know this. I've never seen anything in the field guides about how long some plants and bushes live. But I'm curious. BobM and I were at the Gloucester Furnace area walking around and we saw these large bushes. They aren't terribly tall, maybe 6 feet, but they have the...
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    Long Island Pine Barrens

    Has anyone ever been to the Pine Barrens on Long Island, NY? I've been reading about it online. In all the material online I've seen White Cedars mentioned a little bit, but I can't tell for sure if they have any cedar swamps there. I'm very...
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    Pinelands (Novel), by Robert Bateman on ebay

    This is an excellent novel and is based on fact. Unfortunately my copy is lent out, but hopefully I'll be getting it back soon. I highly recommend this book. I'm not sure if it is still in print and if so how much it sells for, but $5.99 is not bad. Bidding ends on the 29th. Barry
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    Absegami Yesteryear, SIGNED $25

    Go to , and search using that title and you will find it. The bookseller is in Virginia. There are 17 other copies of this book to be found at that site. For Atlantic County residents, or anyone that wants to learn about Atlantic Couty, this is THE book to own. It tells...
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    NJ Pinelands license plate on Ebay

    Don't you think this is kind of strange? I dunno. I guess people collect these things. But since it is a current plate, it seems odd to me. It is currently at $49 and it ends tonight. Granted it's a beautiful plate and I have a set of...
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    New novel about the Pine Barrens

    I was looking on Amazon and saw this. I don't know if it's a new book or not, but it's new to me. It's called The Barrens: a Novel of Suspense and it was written by Joyce Carol Oates. I read the description and it sounds good. I'll ask for it for my birthday. :)
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    The Pine Barrens- special ed. with photos!

    Check it out. This is THE edition of this book to have. If you don't have it, now's your chance to get it cheap. Opening bid is $6. Auction closes on the 22nd. I highly recommend this. Barry P.S.- the original paperback version of the...
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    Pine Barrens Cemetery outing- July 27

    I'm leading this outing for members of my group on Yahoo, but anyone that is interested can come along. The following is the text of my latest update of the announcement I made to my group. All are welcome and anyone can bring friends too, that is, if they are interested. Bring whatever you...
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    interesting item on ebay... again

    Opening bid is $15. "This is the March 9, 1805 issue of Prices Current, a single sheet weekly publication by the United States Gazette For the Country newspaper published in Philadelphia. The rear of the sheet has an ad for the sale of Job's Point in the township of Great Egg Harbor in...
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    Bald Cypress tree in Cape May County

    I'm not sure if this location is within the Pine Barrens, or "Pinelands", but there is a place somewhere in Cape May County called Timber Beaver Swamp, or Beaver Swamp. In this swamp there is a single Bald Cypress tree in an apparently wild state. It is supposed to be the only such tree in...
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    Pine Barren Sandwort (in bloom)

    If you want to see literally TONS of Pine Barren Sandwort in bloom, check out the Batsto/Pleasant Mills cemetery, right now. It's unbelievable! Plus there is Dwarf Dandelion and some unusual, probably non-native succulent-type plant in bloom too. Barry
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    History of Smithville, Atlantic County??

    Does anyone know anything about Smithville from BEFORE it became the "Historic Towne of Smithville"?? There is a Methodist Church there that was built in 1869, which is on the site of a Friends Meeting House from much earlier. And the Smithville Inn that is there now was supposed to have been...
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    Anyone ever been to Albert Hall?

    I've read about the place and it sounds like a lot of fun. Anyone ever been? We could hear some first hand experiences. One day I'll go up there myself and hopefully bring my parents. Thanks! For those who don't know, it's the Albert Music Hall, in Waretown.