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  1. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Sunroof Hit

    Most likely a chunk of truck tire. I had a car kick up strip of tire on 287 that almost took out my trucks grill. Only lost the Chevrolet emblem.
  2. 92 Blazer Jeff


    I was out that way last Thursday and most of the puddles only had water in the deep ruts, you could see them and it was easy to stay out of them. I try and stay to one side and run one set of tires down the middle, most of the time it works, that time it didn't.
  3. 92 Blazer Jeff


    Was out to Friendship bogs yesterday. Hawkins Rd is getting some big puddles with deep ruts between Hawkins Bridge and the bogs. I slid in to the ruts in on one and the whole truck dropped and a wall of water came over the hood. I didn't think I was getting out , but luckily I had enough...
  4. 92 Blazer Jeff


    Looks like some nifty tie dye :D
  5. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Ticks & Chiggers--a study

    Allergist warn that chigger bites may cause allergic reaction to red meat, Alpha - Gal
  6. 92 Blazer Jeff


    When I was young they called them Honey Dippers. :)
  7. 92 Blazer Jeff

    2019 First Day Hikes

    Gear oil is to thick, if you can't find bar & chain oil you can use 10W motor oil.
  8. 92 Blazer Jeff

    2019 First Day Hikes

    I use STIHL bioplus bar oil it's vegetable oil based, Canola oil I believe . I drained the old oil out and flushed it with some kerosene be for putting in the new oil.
  9. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Where is this?

    Don't know, but I like the handicapped parking sign on the pine tree.
  10. 92 Blazer Jeff

    2019 First Day Hikes

    Could be, if I go I will take my little homlite chain saw. I used it this summer to clear blow downs on the Mullica river in my kayak just below pleasant mills put in.
  11. 92 Blazer Jeff

    2019 First Day Hikes

    I was out to Rider Switch in the spring and the road was fine, just some puddles didn't need 4 WD. I parked at the end and walked the tracks to Quarter Mile. I would like to get out that way again if it ever stops raining.
  12. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Moore Deer Club collects balloons

    I remember you telling about the ants before, so I always check when I pick them up. I also pulled four tied together out of the Grate Bay wile boating.
  13. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Moore Deer Club collects balloons

    I am always bring them dam things home with me, that's if I can get to them. One time I found five tied together hanging in a tree. You can't go hiking and not come across at least one.
  14. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Two Planes 660 ft Apart

    I was talking about the two in Teegate's post, I took a quick look at it the first time. I zoomed in and see they are not, My mistake. The two in Bob's post are at a different location.
  15. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Two Planes 660 ft Apart

    They look like two A10 warthogs, I always see them flying in pairs going to and from warren grove. If you look at the tail it looks like two engines.
  16. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Closing West Mill Road

    I saw that today, they must have just removed it resent because the marks from grinder haven't rusted yet.
  17. 92 Blazer Jeff

    A stockpile of fill dirt

    They have a lot of gravel stock piled off of Hampton Rd on the left, just off 206 on the way to Hampton Furnace.
  18. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Looking like something will be happening in Maine

    Better not wait to long, the current president is looking into reducing the size of or eliminating most, if not all of the national monuments of the last president.
  19. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Pine Barren Flora

    I found ( Thanks to someone marking them with orange flags ) I believe is Green Wood Orchid. I used Boyd's book Wildflowers of the pine barrens to ID it, so if I'm wrong let me know.
  20. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Generator Usage at Camping Areas

    Doesn't say anything about generator usage.