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  1. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Crowley's Landing Launch Fee

    I was told when I picked up my ramp permit that Wharton is now charging a launch fee for kayaks & canoes at Crowley's Landing. I got the hang tag not the decal for the trailer I got in the past. This way I can use it for my two boats or a kayak, it's $12 a day or $60 for a permit for the year.
  2. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Northern Water Snake ?

    I believe this to be a Northern Water Snake, if I'm wrong let me know.
  3. 92 Blazer Jeff

    No more fishing from the Lower Bank and Green Bank Bridges
  4. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Friendship Bogs

    I was out exploring the old Friendship bogs Wednesday, here are some pictures.
  5. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Lenni-Lenape sue to restore recognition

    Hopefully they win. South Jersey Times November 1 Editorial
  6. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Atsion Lake Fall Pictures

    Here are a few pictures I took last week at Atsion Lake.
  7. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Deal struck to hike NJ gas tax 23 cents

    Looks like it will cost more to explore the pines in the next week or so.
  8. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Salem Oak largest species of it's kind in NJ
  9. 92 Blazer Jeff

    ATV enthusiast rolls out plan for Pinelands

    This was in todays SJ Times.
  10. 92 Blazer Jeff

    New Jersey's 12 National Park sites

    How many of them have you visited?
  11. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Feral Hogs in the pines?

    I was at Winslow WMA Friday. At the entrance off RT 322 I saw this sign. Has anyone seen any?
  12. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Body found in Mullica river
  13. 92 Blazer Jeff

    Halloween at Batsto 10/25 noon to 3:00 PM

    Anyone interested thy are having trick or treat for kids 12 and under with parents at Batsto Sunday noon to 3:00 pm. I am taking my sister and her two kids.