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  1. cranbrake

    Keep an eye out for this barrens trasher

    Wanted to post this before I forgot, this was a serious concern of mine this past summer re: habitat destruction in the barrens, wanton and unjustifiable. I happened upon the suspect as she was heading out of the forest on a sand road navigable only with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. A very large...
  2. cranbrake

    Proposed natural gas pipeline through the NJPB's?

    Below is a link to what I just found out is a propsed natural gas pipeline that would travel, at least partially, through the pinelands, and ending at Beesly's point in Cape May county. Can anyone here share more about anything about this, esp. the proposed right-of-way/ line of disturbance-? I...
  3. cranbrake

    Random NJPB images

    These shot with what I'd call a 'high end' (full featured) point n shoot.Ironically this camera seems to produce better images than the pricier dslr/lens combos I've had since.:confused:
  4. cranbrake

    Wal mart in tom's river approved

    maybe i'm late in hearing about this......anyone else surprised the njdep signed off on this?
  5. cranbrake

    Not sure if this is 'appropriate', but......

    Since it is the 'giving season' and what have you,I thought I'd ask for suggestions of any enviroment-friendly organizations(preferably non-profit) that place local habitat preservation/conservation as their main purpose.I especially like those that have apparel and other gifts that bear their...
  6. cranbrake


    first of all here's a link/webaddress to a great site ,very informative on the subject of invasive species,both flora and fauna. .................................................................................. my apologies if i already posted about this(may have...
  7. cranbrake

    what is must-see pine barrens?

    ok i may be have to be a tour guide for my pops-he's never been,and wants to see the pine barrens.i'm pretty familiar with the forest and wildlife but could probably use some suggestions for things to do,places to eat,historical oddities,etc. that are unique to the pines. i could probably come...
  8. cranbrake

    2010 pics

    too hot for me to be out right now,so i figure i'd share some of my shots from the pines;constructive criticism welcome......enjoy!
  9. cranbrake

    happy '10

    Stuck at work today(like many days when i'm wishing i was in the pines),this site is the next best thing and comes as close as i could hope for...........I'm not usually one to get too caught up in the holidays,but here's wishing everyone here the best for this new year,hopefully it's a success...
  10. cranbrake

    re:reporting fires in the pines

    reporting fires in the pines I tried replying to the recent post of the same title,but couldn't(maybe it's locked out from replies?)......... But I was going to say that I'd be very tempted/inclined to NOT reporting a fire in the pines(with the possible exception of a fire burning...
  11. cranbrake

    random shots

    various random images i've shot over the past couple years....enjoy!