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  1. c1nj

    West Jersey Cranberry Meadow

    Boyd, is there anyway to make the colors on the map contrast better? For instance, could I make the open space green greener or the black lighter? Thanks so much for these maps. They are so helpful.
  2. c1nj

    Stone And Property Corner Searching...Fall/Winter 2020-2021

    That hill is made of sand stone. I would think the original surveyor would of utilized a nonindigenous stone for a survey marker.
  3. c1nj

    Forest hunters etiquette question

    Anytime you block a road you impede the response of first-responders. Many times it is for an injured hunter...
  4. c1nj

    Plastic bags banned in N.J. as Murphy signs new law

    I don't like plastic bags and look forward to their end. Anyone who has been part of a litter clean-up should understand. That being said. Why can't we just go back to recyclable paper bags made from renewable trees? Seemed to work fine for the first 3/4 of my life.
  5. c1nj

    Camping this weekend?

    Teacher's convention?
  6. c1nj

    Chewtown House

    Those Cozy cabins look nice. I have a modular home that was built in 1986. They cheaped out in some areas of construction and went overboard in others. I think this was to withstand shipping. It is built as good or better than your average tract home.
  7. c1nj

    Toyota 4runner

    Just make sure it has catalytic convertors!
  8. c1nj

    Hiker's Beware

    And the opioid crisis...
  9. c1nj

    Hiker's Beware

    I really don't know what they do with them. The guy at the Toyota dealer claims they take them apart because the salvage yards require fingerprints and IDs for complete units.
  10. c1nj

    Hiker's Beware

    For the precious metals within them. Then they buy drugs. I think I am going to attach $150 to the new ones with a note to take the money but leave the cats.
  11. c1nj

    Hiker's Beware

    Jeez! My Toyota dealer says they were recently hit for 31 new cars as well. I was quoted $2500 for OEM replacement catalytic convertors by the dealer if these aftermarket ones don't work properly.
  12. c1nj

    Hiker's Beware

    My son and his college classmate went camping in Maine last week. They hiked along the Appalachian Trail near the NH border. Last Friday morning, when they returned to their truck, they quickly learned that scum bags even live in Maine. His catalytic convertors were cut off during the night...
  13. c1nj

    Crystal Lake

    Does Crystal Lake=Heritage Minerals =Zarcos?
  14. c1nj


    Estell Manor had 3.63 inches. Further south, Northern Cape May County had a wicked hail storm. My friend's windshield shattered on his pick up.
  15. c1nj

    Apple Pie Hill

    Twenty-five summers ago the old Fire Observer spent 47 days straight in that tower.
  16. c1nj

    Apple Pie Hill

    Exactly. I can't figure out the front of the truck though.
  17. c1nj

    Apple Pie Hill

    I think the bright white thing is a truck cap rear window that is open.
  18. c1nj

    Exploring Today

    Looks like phrags to me as well.
  19. c1nj

    Another Flyover is scheduled to include South Jersey

    I listened to a podcast about the B 52 recently. Four modern engines definitely would provide enough thrust however they determined it was too much effort to convert it. All the controls and systems are designed for eight engines.