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  1. oji

    Allen road, Oswego Road, and the bombing range.

    Go to NJCF's website, click Who We Are, then News, page 5, March 23, 2010
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    What we did to this wonderful flowering seep.

    Aaah, this looks like the site that was supposed to be a park in perpetuity (until money could be made with a solar farm). In order to build a solar farm on an abandoned dumpsite it must be properly capped first. I think that monitoring well should be checked out!
  3. oji

    Pinelands Commission Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of Possible Unmarked Graves at Mullica Cemetery

    Looks like it was done recently. This was the groundwork and the write-up probably isn't done. Most of their research is online at their website.
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    Fighter Jets Over Red Lion Circle

    Probably part of the training on base. There has been a lot of helicopters and jets flying around here this week.
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    Am I a Piney Now?

    Ed's place, I believe it was a chicken farm.
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    Buffins Meadows

    Baffin Brook may have originally started in the area where the bogs are now or just across Pasadena Rd. just below the big sand pit. It travels through the woods toward the Upton area (you can see an old bog in the 1930 aerials). The next time I am at Whitesbog I'll ask if we have anything in...
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    Buffins Meadows

    Friends of mine lived at Buffins Meadows in the 1970's. It is where Baffin Brook meets Pasadena Rd. Were there cranberry bogs built in that area in 1866?
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    Maybe one of the routes between Holly Haven at Upton and Whitesbog?
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    Rural Development Zone - Pinelands

    I read an article from 2013 about them donating cedar trees from the hundreds that were blown down during the storm to an inner-city group teaching kids how to build sailboats. The two areas might not be the same? I believe the cedar restoration project has to be approved (if more than 5000 sq.ft.)?
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    Rural Development Zone - Pinelands

    Isn't Haines doing a cedar restoration in an area that was hit hard during Hurricane Sandy?
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    Various From Today

    I was working by Carranza Rd. today and around 10:00 am it was coming down hard. The homeowner checked his rain gauge when it stopped and said he measured 2 1/2 inches in there
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    Chewtown House

    A minimum of 3.2. Being in the Preservation District there are probably PDCs involved.
  13. oji

    Chewtown House

    My guess is a lot over 3.2 acres owned prior to 1979?
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    Eagle House

    If you leave a few walls from the original structure is it considered a renovation?
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    Music for the day

    A nice cover version of a classic
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    Stealth camping and caterpillars

    You can google "downloading pictures from a PC to Instagram" there are a bunch of youtube videos explaining how to do it. It's pretty easy, I can do it!
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    Nice hearing from you George! Hope to run into you at Lines on the Pines again ;)
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    Website for Vacant Property Acreage and Lot Size

    Probably varies by zoning areas. Call the construction permit office at your township building.
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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    It is a (S)pur of Route 40
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    Woolwich Township abandoned missle base for sale

    I worked on a housing development across the street from Cherokee High School that was a former missle base.