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  1. Greg Fischer

    Short Pinelands Documentary

    Thanks! I agree that it is unlikely for Green treefrogs to replace Pine Barrens treefrogs (for now at least, but increased precipitation caused by climate change threatens to eventually increase pH). But it is possible for them to replace Cope's/Eastern Gray treefrogs, since they share...
  2. Greg Fischer

    Short Pinelands Documentary

    A friend and I spent the last few weeks making this short documentary on the Pinelands. It's in 4K, so the bigger the screen, the better. We hope you enjoy it!
  3. Greg Fischer

    Green Treefrog

    Hi! I was reading some old posts on here about the green treefrog being found in Salem and Cumberland counties. I'm doing my capstone project on Pine Barrens treefrogs at Stockton University, and would love to find out more information about these newcomers to discuss in my report. So far, I...