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  1. NJTaco

    TomTom talks in my wife's sleep

    I'm glad you posted this. My TomTom was on the dresser the other night, turned itself on, and woke me up. I was seriously freaked out at first, turned it off, went to sleep after a while of staring at it. I was convinced that if I had any doubts about demonic possession of inanimate objects...
  2. NJTaco

    Busby's Cafe

    I thought the dates/buildings were off somehow, but my memory of the area starts in the mid-80's, so I was not sure. I asked my wife if she knew about the cafe', because a woman in her Bible study has occasion to be to Buzby's somewhat frequently. She had not heard about it, though. I...
  3. NJTaco

    Busby's Cafe

    A recent article... Check this short article out...
  4. NJTaco

    I want a gun...

    Where do you plan to shoot? I was to the Warren Grove Range yesterday, and it is specifically prohibited to fire a centerfire rifle there...rimfire only allowed. I think this will narrow down your options some...
  5. NJTaco

    apartments/condos in the pines

    Be very careful. There will be plenty of apartments and condos in Galloway, but in a higher (sometimes violent) crime area. "The Clubs" are nick-named "The Projects" for a reason, and it isn't a good reason. Too-frequent shootings, drugs, noise and crime issues...It just goes on...
  6. NJTaco

    Horseshoe Crabs

    A PBS special on the subject of Red Knots and Horseshoe Crabs. (Mentioned above) LINK And a bit about a trip Stockton College was/is involved in to study the Red Knots. LINK
  7. NJTaco

    Boy's Orphanage/Naegeli Rd.

    FWIW, We just spent some time at lunch today discussing this property. Two of my co-workers "grew up" in EHC, and remember the orphanage, the scouts, the later occupants, the most recent occupant, and by who and when most of it was "cleaned up". Nothing "WEIRD" about it, just a varied...
  8. NJTaco

    Abandoned racetracks.

    I used to go out to the Manahawkin Airport with my Dad as a kid. It sure has built up since then...
  9. NJTaco

    Abandoned racetracks.

    Don't bother going out to find the Manahawkin Speedway...I was there a week ago and it is very much gone. Not "faded away" gone, but "uprooted, plowed under, regraded, and soon to be built on" gone. Drat.
  10. NJTaco

    New book profiles people who are at home in the Pine Barrens

    The author was signing at the Pinelands Jamboree in Waretown last were a couple of people in the book (unofficially.)
  11. NJTaco

    Oswego water level

    9/15 I paddled about halfway up the river (best guess) from Harrisville Lake to Lake Oswego. We spent 2-1/2 hours paddling up, and 1-1/2 back down. There was plenty of water where we were, and no indication of low water above (plenty of flow.) It had rained pretty good the night before, and that...
  12. NJTaco

    Harrisville Lake, recent trips?

    Thanks Mark!
  13. NJTaco

    Harrisville Lake, recent trips?

    Has anyone paddled upstream from Harrisville Lake lately? My brother-in-law and I plan to start at the dam and paddle upriver 'till tired, then return. If time permits, we may take the woods road to Martha Furnace, or just poke around Harrisville ruins. (There are ruins, right? I have never...
  14. NJTaco

    Some input on buying a winch

    Um... tie down points are just for tying DOWN, not forward or back or recovery. The unibody Malibu will probably need some help structurally, or you will risk tearing the stamped sheetmetal subframe (I've done this myself, BTW...tearing the subframe, that is.) X2 on the "More Power Puller"...
  15. NJTaco

    Searching and finding Trash!

    Call RednekF350...:rofl:
  16. NJTaco

    Mountain Biking

    Wells Mills Park Where are you located? And how long a trail at minimum? Wells Mills Park in Waretown has a designated 3.5 mile shared-use loop, but the rest of their trails are off-limits to bikes. Same concern for hikers/horses, but I think no hunting there, IIRC. I've ridden from where...
  17. NJTaco

    Book With Maps

    On that same note, (hope you don't mind), what would be a recommendation for a good map/atlas of New Jersey? The Delorme Atlas/Gazeteer was my first thought, but is there one better? I'm thinking topography, off-highway, and road atlas. Please include price points, if you know. $20 for the...
  18. NJTaco

    forked river mountains

    As you may already know, FR mountains are on private land, IIRC. Check out FRMC.ORG for more info and stuff. When I spoke to them (FRMC) at the Pinelands Jambo this year, they told me the owners considered "visitors" to be trespassing, if they did not have permission. I would love to make a...
  19. NJTaco

    Melancholy Pasadena, the saddest place in the Pines?

    From How Mt. Misery Got Its Name There several versions of the origin of Mt. Misery's name. Some published sources record that in 1723 a French merchant by the name of Peter Bard moved from the vicinity of Mt. Holly to what is now known as the Mt. Misery area, becoming...
  20. NJTaco

    Abandoned racetracks.

    Anybody else ever go to the Manahawkin Speedway? About 12 years ago friends and I walked it...couldn't get the car in. I believe it is under a shopping mall now. :jeffd: It was off Doc Cramer Blvd., on the west side across from the trailer park. My Mom's husband remembers going to the...