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    Exploring Makepeace WMA

    Happy New Year all...on Chirstmas Eve my husband and I were doing some trail hiking in an out of the way area and came across some tracks... One is of a "scratching". The pine needles were removed to a pile just behind the long scrape. There were no foot prints to be seen due to the trail...
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    Downstown Steam Mill

    While doing some research on some historical spots near home I found a notation about Aquilla Down(s) building and opperating a steam powered saw mill at Downstown (named for him). Does anybody have any information about the mill and where it was located. The article mentioned it being on the...
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    Grey "Cabana" Tree Frog

    Yesterday while helping to set up a family get together at my Mom's, we moved a couple of stack chairs in the pool yard. Found this little guy resting on the chair back. Apparently they like the pool yard. There are three of them that show up regularly. Turned him loose in the rhodendrens.
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    Sunset courtsey of Earl

    Thursday evening I was on my way out to get ice cream. The sky was just starting to light up. Grabbed my camera and on the way back took some pics from the bridge over the lake.
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    Just some summer critters in the pines

    I was sorting some pics and thought I'd share. The buttefly is a northern metal mark...not common to these parts. The dragondflies were caught quite accidentely, from my kayak I could only see the blue one. Once I got home and was going through the pics I found something a bit...
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    Cool and Refreshing

    I don't know about you folks but we don't have with this past week in the upper 90's to 100 degrees and the lake not even being refreshing I started looking at pics from this past winter. Please feel free to add some of your own.... ahhhhh!
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    Plant ID Help needed

    On 7/3 we paddled up the Mannamuskin from Cumberland Pond to the power lines. On the way back I noticed a very large shrub, both in circumference and height, loaded with yellow flowers. I haven't been able to ID it and was hoping someone here may know. Sorry the pictures aren't clearer...
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    Cedar Lake WMA

    Not far from home is the Cedar Lake WMA. Cedar Lake when I was growing up was a privately owned lake that had a nice swimming beach and a bath house. The owners would allow the local boy and girl scout troops use the facilities on occasion. There is a rail bed near by that at one time the...
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    Walk on the Beach

    While reading and responding to another thread, I thought this might be a good place to show what is blooming or calling my part ofthe Pines home. I live with in about a 1/2 block of our main lake. The lakes here were cranberry bogs in the late 1800's early 1900's. I have lived here my whole...
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    Egg Harbor River

    Has anyone paddled the EHR from Winslow WMA to Penny Pot? Or the section from RT 54 to Penny Pot? We've paddled the river from 8th Street to Lake Lenape...but haven't done the upper part. Not sure if we ever will, just wondering what that section of the river is like.
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    Help - Advise Needed

    I have gotten fairly serious about taking pics while out and about. I have a Cannon Rebel XSi with a 250mm and the 55mm that came wit hthe camera. I have gotten some great, albeit in my own estimation, shots and some washed out looking ones. I have been looking at the photos in the gallery and...
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    Fleas, Ticks, Skeeters and Dogs

    We recently had to have our border collie treated for heartworm. We adopted him about 18 months ago and he tested negative then. He has been on Interceptor continually but 8 weeks ago he tested positive. We don't know wether his original test was a false negative or the Interceptor failed...
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    King Eiders at Weymouth Furnace

    I stopped at the furnace on my way home from work on Friday and was suprised to find a pair of what appears to be King Eiders. Unfortunately I did not have my telephoto lens with me, so the pics aren't that clear when enlarged. You never know what you might see in the pines....
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    smelly animal

    there has been hit on the black horse pike an animal that smells much like a skunk but is a deep chocolate brown, much like an otter or a beaver in color. this morning was the second one i've passed. size of the one this morning was about the size of a large skunk. both of them were hit on...
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    Old Camp?

    The other weekend a friend and I were exploring what appears to be an old, maybe church camp off of Richards Ave near the Nescohague. Spotted a couple of concrete slabs where cabins (?) possibly stood. And an old dock on the lake. Does anybody know what this place really was and how long ago?