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    Is this fast food?

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    Hunting Seasons Begin 9-13-08

    hahaha, you're funny aaron. a lighthearted joke. anywho.. if any hunters don't feel like skinning their deer this season, or would otherwise be throwing out their hides, i'm looking for some stuff to brain tan! if anyone's interested, shoot me a message. it's great to have the hide turn...
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    Bitten by a dog (DOG BITE PHOTO)

    ruset, i didn't find it very disturbing. my nose was almost ripped off by our adopted greyhound when i was 12. lots and lots of stitches.. haha make sure that doesnt get infected LIP!
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    Why can't I lose this gut?

    quiznos sucks and they're way overpriced. subway's got a special going now, all the footlongs are $5 except cheese steak, pastrami, and a giant monster sub called the feast. those aren't dietary anyway :] i think that deal's going on for a couple months. try making your own food whenever you can.
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    Why can't I lose this gut?

    such a good idea!!! primitive cooking, hell yeah! and normal cooking too. yumyum
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    Why can't I lose this gut?

    i work at subway. the food quality isn't great, but you can lose weight. no cheese, wheat bread, and oil and vinegar. a bunch of the dressings are fat free too. if you go there, ask for the nutrition guide to help you make a good choice.
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    Why can't I lose this gut?

    drink tons and tons of water. i put down 4-5 liters a day. it's very easy if you keep a nalgene water bottle with you wherever you go. i've noticed great benefits since i've started drinking so much water. also, don't skip meals. especially breakfast! i've found that 4 or 5 small meals a day...
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    Cedar swamp

    i did not know that.. what do you mean?
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    my favorite kind of shoes right now are called feivues.. they're shaolin monk martial arts shoes! it feels like you're barefoot. very good for quiet walking. they are not very protective, they are made of canvas/rubber and get wet easily, but they're great to have. only $15, too! hit up...
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    Cedar swamp

    this only helps with female trees.. i guess i'll pick up a field guide! haha
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    Cedar swamp

    beautiful! i LOVE cedar swamps. such intense energy. how does one tell the difference between a white and red cedar?
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    very funny!
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    survivorman isn't cool enough for the pine barrens. nuff said. also, if he didn't have his saftey net crew nearby he'd probably get lost and die. too bad!
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    Pine Barrens Book/CD Signing at the Sweetwater Casino

    i wish i could have gone.. i had a job interview and so much stupid schoolwork to do. i'm also sick.. :[ will there be one next year?
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    Coyotes running wild.

    i've heard the same, gabe. was this a reliable source?
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    Anyone else get much sleep last night?

    slept through it.. i remember some nice big winds while drifting off though i hope you feel better soon :[
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    Sweetwater Book Signing

    i might be going! if i do, i'll wear my smokey the bear shirt :] come say hi!
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    Apple Pie Hill

    no :(
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    A good ol' fashioned music/muscians thread...

    gabe, i'll shank you. you're an incredible musician.