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    Apple Pie Hill

    so this girl in one of my classes was telling me about this place called apple pie hill, and then i started reading The Pine Barrens by John McPhee and it was one of the first things he mentioned! where is it? anyone been there? i've heard good things!
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    school project

    heyo! i've got to write an essay for one of my classes, :eng101: and we were given the option of choosing our own topics. guess what i chose? :dance: my essay topic is the history of the pine barrens and their seemingly damned future with all this development going on. any ideas where i could...
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    apartments/condos in the pines

    hello all! i am looking for a condo or apartment complex that is close to stockton college (in pomona, exit 44) and has the wonderful back yard of the barrens (or is at least very near to the woods) any ideas? chris
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    near death

    i almost died driving back to school tonight.. it was raining and i was in the left lane, the person driving to my right swerved a bit into my lane and i swerved in the opposite direction. my car lost control and spun across three lanes and ended up facing the wrong way on the shoulder of the...
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    finding natural clay in the barrens?

    hey fellas and ladies, i was wondering if anyone knew a good place to find clay? maybe in some riverbanks? i was thinking maybe on some banks of the mullica.. not really sure though. thanks! chris also gabe, respond to the old post you made about that heron i wanna know if i was right!
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    danger in the pines?

    i hope we're all enjoying the beauty of the winter in the pines! i was going to post this in the pinebarrens general discussion, but for some reason i can't start a new thread there.. anywho, i've always been a lover of camping, and the other day my boyfriend showed some concern for the...
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    Camping on Delaware Water Gap

    Greetings all! I'm planning a camping trip for mid January with a friend of mine, and I wanted to camp on or near the Delaware Water Gap. I've got to find a place that's open year round, and preferrably offers sites for tent camping exclusively (it's not roughing it if there's an RV parked next...
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    Sweat Lodges in the Pines?

    Greetings all, I was wondering if anyone knows of any Sweat Lodge groups in the NJ Pinelands. I've been searching but have been unsuccessful in finding anything. Even if there are no groups to be found, lets make one! Anyone who is a fan of Sweat Lodges or would like to learn more about them...