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  1. stizkidz

    We may be seeing more TV's in the woods

    Reminds me of the old Pioneer Smelting site. Nothing but old computers spread all over the place.
  2. stizkidz

    Abandoned Homes on Mullica?

    The new house has been there for the better part of a year, no? Very interesting place for a house as there are no other structures on that side of the river for miles.
  3. stizkidz

    Pine Barrens 4WD Clean up

    I plan to attend this year's cleanup. Could you possibly post a map pin location or coordinates for the meeting place? Also, I am bring my 4x4 truck but what else should I bring for the actual cleanup? I assume gloves. Are trash bags provided?
  4. stizkidz

    brookbrae question?

    I have not been there in a LONG time. Are the trees still marked?
  5. stizkidz


    A great idea but I dont have the manpower, tools, or time to cut my own. Alternately, I could pick up the wood I need in my truck if someone has a decent source that wont deliver.
  6. stizkidz


    Looking for a good source of well-seasoned firewood that will deliver to Tuckerton area. Recommendations?
  7. stizkidz


    It is currently snowing ash here in Tuckerton. Anyone know where the burn is today?
  8. stizkidz

    west creek preserved space

    I may be confused but I was under the impression that John Willits had lived in the house that is now referred to as the Andrew-Bartlett house at the Seaport. That is what is stated in the Leah Blackman book.
  9. stizkidz

    west creek preserved space

    39.632919,-74.304738 Anyone know the story of this property? Took a hike back here recently. Looks like a hunter's haven and there were many blinds/stands set up throughout the property. Looks like an old farm. Evidence of an "ancient" home near the entrance. Would love to now what this...
  10. stizkidz

    Walmart to build on Route 9 in LEH Anyone else see the brand new signs that just popped up all around this property advertising commercially available land?
  11. stizkidz


    I am partial to the artesian well that bubbles up out of a mound next to the trail.
  12. stizkidz

    Dumping in Pinelands / Crackdown needed

    I also regret that I missed this. I will bring my F350 out for the next one for sure!
  13. stizkidz


    I must have missed your reply. I was looking for early maps of Tuckerton and/or Little Egg Harbor.
  14. stizkidz

    Little Egg Massacre

    I have been doing some research on my area now that the frost has come and woods walking is a possibility, although dangerous this time of year. The mild weather has allowed for pleasant and "critter free" walks. Growing up in South Jersey, everyone knows the battle of Chestnut Neck...
  15. stizkidz

    Pine Grove Church

    Pine Grove has been bulldozed as of September. Evesham Twp, the owner of the land adjacent the municipal complex, was constructing a running track on the property. I suspect the work is complete by now. More history "paved over".
  16. stizkidz


    You wouldnt happen to be able to point me in the direction of a similar map for Southern Ocean county, would you, please?
  17. stizkidz

    Tavern in Pleasant Mills, NJ

    I did not realize that "Indian Cabin" was an actual place on a map?
  18. stizkidz


    Jerseyman, which map is that?
  19. stizkidz

    Pizza Tonight

    The guy who works the counter (seemingly the owner) is pretty cool to chat with as well. I always liked the Gloucester City area. Interesting cast of characters in those parts for sure.