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  1. RednekF350

    How DID they Survey ??

    Received this article today from one of our suppliers. Interesting.
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    A Very Merry Christmas

    I knew this Christmas was going to be one of the most memorable ever because both of my sons and their wives were due to have baby boys less than a week from Christmas. Due dates were nearly spot on and we gained a grandson last Wednesday and another one Tuesday of this week. Sage William...
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    Six Day Starts Tomorrow, December 7, 2020

    The equivalent of Christmas Day for local gun clubs and individual hunters throughout the Pines and elsewhere in New Jersey, is tomorrow morning. Six-day, as it is commonly known, starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday. This will be followed by the firearm permit deer seasons for shotgun and...
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    Sandy Lane Enduro Nov. 29, 2020

    One of Y-Buc Bill's favorite events. Hosted by Meteor MC. Bill was one of their original members. Bill wearing his Meteor Sandy Lane Enduro sweater in the early 1950's hanging with Dave Amato ...
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    NJ State Forest Action Plan: Your Chance To Comment

    Enjoy !!
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    The West Side of the Pines

    Many people don't realize it but my hometown of Gibbsboro is the western edge of the Coastal Plain and the pines ecotype. Gibbsboro is part of the watershed divide between the Delaware and the Atlantic basins. East of the very high points in Gibbsboro, the streams flow to the Mullica River...
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    Deer Seasons Commence

    Although some of the more deer-infested Deer Management Zones (DMZ) opened a few weeks ago, yesterday marked the Statewide opening of the fall archery seasons in all zones. The first firearm deer hunting will be November 21 for Youth Day and then everything else kicks in the following week...
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    Blame it on Covid !

    A long list of new WMA closures and partial closures tied to the COVID virus and the resultant furlough of State employees. Can't fish in a pond in the woods but feel free to attend your nearest rally. :mad:
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    I was sitting out back today with the bride enjoying a beer and sitting under a hi-hat heater when she spotted a bird ducking in and out of a hole in one of our oaks. The tree was damaged a few years ago in a storm and it has been struggling. I grabbed my binos and she ID'd it as a Northern...
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    Trout Season Early Opener 4-1-20 !

    Trout fishing will open today April 1, 2020 for catch and release ! I saw a post on the NJ Conservation Officer's FB page early this morning and I really thought it was an April Fools prank. As it turns out, it is for real. Bait sources may be under a rock in your backyard for now...
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    Hot Mail !

    Controlled burns today down here in P'town. Another 5' and I wouldn't have to pay my utility bills this month ! !
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    NJFW Fisheries Forum at Batsto February 22, 2020

    Enjoy !!
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    Another Pines Plains Hike !! UPDATE

    Saw this today in my email. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has not been through the Plains. It's a different world out there. My only concern would be that 6 miles in three hours is a pretty good clip for a mixed group. It might look like the scene when Clark Griswold and his son...
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    Sunrise Fog

    Walked out of the house early yesterday morning to snoop around the woods with the muzzleloader. This is a lowly mud puddle about a 6 minute walk from my door. The conditions were all coming together with a cold, damp fog and a sunrise struggling to burn through it.
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    Kinda Piney Buddhists
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    Dead Shredded Red

    On Tuesday after work I was running the dog in the woods across the street. Murph was ranging a little bit and I gave him a yell to turn him back to me. As he turned, a red tailed hawk swooped down out of a tree and flew low to the across the fire cut that we were on and disappeared to my right...
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    Decoy and Gunning Show

    Today is day two of the Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show. Hurry up and see it while they can still call it a gunning show ! :) My son Mike will be working at the Hunters Helping Heroes Booth and will...
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    Dead in the Pines

    Near Whitesbog. Killed by a "friend". Ouch !
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    RATtle Snake

    For just one short day, it was confirmed that there was a timber rattler in Albion, a section of Winslow near Pine Hill. My wife sent me a Nixle about it at lunch. The NJDEP has now confirmed it was a rat snake...
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    Grouse Season Closed in New Jersey

    A sad bulletin from NJF&W. There is nothing quite like the thunderous flush of a grouse. In the late 70's and early 80's it was still common to find grouse in the pines, especially in the oak cuttings around the cedar swamp edges near where I live now. They are very common in the woods that I...