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  1. NJSnakeMan

    Local Food Survey

    Hi all. Brandon from Atlantic Co. here. For those who don't know me I am a life long NJ resident and long time member of the community here. I am looking for some feedback and insight on local food production, consumption, and other related trends. Ive simplifield this by creating the following...
  2. NJSnakeMan

    Vehicle for traveling sand roads

    Hey guys. It's Brandon Curtis. Some of you may remember my childish/novice posts from years back =P (here's another) Anyways, I am inquiring about the types of vehicles that some of the PB forum members drive, and maybe some vehicles that you guys recommend. For a few years I owned a 94'...
  3. NJSnakeMan

    Garmin GPSmap76

    Just got a Garmin GPSmap76 for free from a buddy of mine... was wondering if anyone else uses this brand and/or type, and their experiences with it.. haven't really had a chance to play around with it, although I probably should before the spring season rolls around. Brandon
  4. NJSnakeMan

    Vernal Pond Table

    At the Environmental Forum 4/18 I will have a Vernal Pond Table. Any suggestions to draw in a crowd?? Thanks, Brandon
  5. NJSnakeMan

    Environmental Forum at Stockton College NJ 4/18

    Environmental Forum at Stockton College NJ 4/18 *UPDATED* Sustainable is Attainable 8th Annual Environmental Forum April 18, 2009 9am – 4pm Breakfast and Lunch Provided $5 Admission in Advance $7 At the Door $1 from each ticket benefits Darfur Relief Workshops, Vendor Fair, Nature...
  6. NJSnakeMan

    Cedar Swamps

    I know pretty much every cedar swamp in the pines has been clear-cut atleast once since the 1600. Can anybody direct me to anything close to an old growth cedar swamp? Brandon
  7. NJSnakeMan

    I absolutely hate...

  8. NJSnakeMan


    I drive past this place all the time, what is it exactly?
  9. NJSnakeMan

    Mount Misery

    I've heard many stories about Mt. Misery.... the place is supposedly haunted, and owned my an old CCC Camp.. or Methodist Retreat Camp? According to kauffeld's book anyway. Is this place really creepy? I've heard it had a creepy atmosphere, with a lot of weird stuff inside. How about meth...
  10. NJSnakeMan

    Full Blown

    I'm going out on a big pine barrens trip all over nj tomorrow morning.... hitting up a couple places in burlington and ocean counties. i know the general area for the following places, but maybe some exact directions would be nice too.... - to apple pie hill tower? heard the sight there is...
  11. NJSnakeMan

    David Estell

    Last night a friend of mine told me about a man by the name of David Estell, who supposedly killed himself and his family one night at where is now Estell Manor. His body is also supposedly burried at some old abandoned church off of Rt.50 (which we visited last night). Any evidence behind...
  12. NJSnakeMan

    6/16 herping trip...pines and corns thanks for looking, brandon
  13. NJSnakeMan

    The Batona Trail - Hiking

    Sometime, probably next year, I want to hike the Batona Trail. I've read over a few things and searched it up, and downloaded some maps already. Does anyone have some advice for me? It should take less then a week, I'm guessing. Are you aloud to camp along the trail, or are there campgrounds...
  14. NJSnakeMan

    pine barrens herping 5/26 -Brandon
  15. NJSnakeMan


    Has anyone begun to hear Pine Barren Treefrog calling yet? I'm getting out Saturday night of the 26th to look for some.
  16. NJSnakeMan


    How's the hiking at/around Makepeace WMA? The place seems to be a pretty big area of land. I heard the entire lake was fairly shallow, how about what types of reptiles/amphibians and birds, or bear anybody have seen in the area?
  17. NJSnakeMan


    Finially got out saturday. here's the report. -Brandon
  18. NJSnakeMan

    Atlantic County

    Is anybody familiar with some old RR Tracks off Rt. 40 near MaysLanding? Are they even still there? Also, has anybody ever found or heard of Timber Rattlesnakes being found in Atlantic County. All of the ones i've heard of have been in either Burlington or Ocean Counties.
  19. NJSnakeMan

    The month of august

    August has been unusually nice out, but I haven't been able to get a ride anywhere so i've been restricted to my bike- as usual. Of course though water snakes aren't ever a far ride on a bike to find. Nerodia sipedon- female Fliped this male 13" southern ringneck snake under a board Found...
  20. NJSnakeMan

    The Luck Continues...NJ Pine Barrens

    I can't post a trip report without a picture of one of these little guys.... a neonate water snake. It's funny to watch them act like their adults. Worm snakes have been under lots of cover this year, here are 2 of the many found thus far. one of the bigger ones During the winter time i...