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    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Those signs, both the 2 stickers and the plastic posts are the same ones used by the PPA and NJCF in and around the Parker Preserve..... If I had to guess... Mordecai = Russel or some like-minded PPA minion
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    Is logging in the Pinelands drawing near?

    Now that's funny.... not what you think but the reality of it even being considered...
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    Logging in the Pinelands Just a vote away....

    Bill to allow harvesting of state-owned public lands clears legislative committee with bipartisan backing The state is looking to open up logging on New Jersey’s public lands, most of which were...
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    the little triangle bait boxs work great, start where you see them and work yo way around to you get to whre you think they enter. The mice will carry that back to the nest and feed thier young. Also if you know where they are coming in, line the area with steel wool, they will try to chew...
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    finally... moved to the pines

    Welcome to the Pines... Many, many fun and interesting thing to do within the boundaries of the Pine Barrens... Some highly acceptable and some although perfectly legal and enjoyed by many families, unacceptable by people with their own believes and agendas. There are many different clubs...
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    Did the Pic get a new sign?

    Pretty sure it is a vinyl type material with graphics attached to the face of the old sign. I did a double take a couple weeks ago leaving there.
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    Mining In Jackson

    PPA explicitly states.. bla bla bla bla bla..... PPA and NJ Audubon both state habitat for at least 4 endangered species............... In the sand pit??? chiggers and gnats and what else???
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    Motocross/ATV track in Millville

    About the park down south... From a responsible rider with a 12 year old son and 10 year old daughter that like to ride also. some of the problems with the park with younger riders.... The rules and regulations of the park make it impossilbe for children under 16 to ride there, first off they...
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    Directions Please!

    Might I suggust this route thru Medford, goes around all the high volume intersections, just tell her to do the speed limit on my street.... Ramp, Marlton...
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    Where to pedal in the pines???

    This morning my son and I braved the extreme heat and went to Batso Village. We picked up a trail map at the visitor's center and headed out. We rode the "green" trail, 6.2 miles of about 70 percent single tract and the rest jeep trail. Not to easy but not very difficult. Flowing in the...
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    Where to pedal in the pines???

    Thanks for the replies everyone.... I looking to stay local to the Medford area, this will be a new thing for my son, we have trails right in our delevopment but he is getting bored of them, we have to reuse the same system 6 times or put in alot of pavement and still circle 3 or 4 tiimes to get...
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    Where to pedal in the pines???

    I use to Mtn bike many many years ago, you know, before kids, now the oldest one who is 10 just got his first 24" mtn bike, so I had to get a new one also and picked one up last week. Where to go that the trails are not to deep in sand?? Any ideas?? Thanks
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    batona trail?

    My fav and another suggestion is to be dropped off at Apple Pie Hill and hike to the camp ground across from Carranza Memorial.. You can climb the tower for pictures and there is the cedar swamp area for something alittle diffrent also along the way... Although it is a little shorter then 10...
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    Trashing the pines

    You are INCORRECT there.... No clubs paint arrows on the trees... paper arrows are stapled to surveyors stacks, dead trees or fallen branches, then removed within 7 days as required by conditions of the permit... Just keeping the info correct, no attack towards you...
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    Many years back I had a Golden Retriever, he had a habit of "collecting" ticks on a daily basis... Our vet told us to add chopped up fresh garlic in his food a few times a week, add more and more often if they were still present and less and less often if they were not present. I must say, it...
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    More Eco Terrorism?

    The ranger part... By attending/or discussing it first hand with an attendee of a meetings with the Group of top rangers from each South Jersey Forest and their supervisors along with Members from the NJ State Police Racing Commission to discuss new guidelines and requirements for participants...
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    More Eco Terrorism?

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    More Eco Terrorism?

    Unfortunately, the structure and chain of command of Rangers in this area all has recently changed, although there is a head ranger for each forest, except for Brendan Byrne which is run by committee, they all report to one regional head ranger, but ultimately the decisions and policy are made...
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    More Eco Terrorism?

    HA HA HA… Like anyone that walks in the woods would NEVER throw their trash on the ground or start a fire and burn hundreds of acreas Hey… There is no user group that is as stereotypical, as an opposing group that dislikes them would like everyone to believe.. There are more responsible...
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    More Eco Terrorism?

    If anyone comes across someone or a group doing this sort of activity, it should be reported, pull out your camera or cell phone and take a picture of them in the act, if they are on foot, their car is very close-by so snap a picture of the cars and tags. The Rangers, State Park Police and a...