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  1. MuckSavage

    A-10 Warthog

    I know they've been discussed here. I stumbled across an interview with one of the designers. An interesting 6 minute video.
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    Lore podcast. Our Jersey Devil

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I’m Re-listening to this podcast. Some may find it interesting.
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    Last night, a friend shared with me a picture he saw on social media. It was a gal sitting in one of the "windows" of what looked like the paper mill at Harrisville & asked me to confirm his thoughts on the location. I agreed to his assumption. He then messaged the person who posted the photo &...
  4. MuckSavage

    Wharton Advisory

    Saw this on another forum. PARK ADVISORY: Wharton State Forest Motorized and river access to Wharton State Forest continues to be limited or closed due to high water levels caused by recent precipitation. Many roads are impassible at this current time. Today we identified a number of roads...
  5. MuckSavage

    Bug Barometer

    Who ever knew there was such a thing?
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    I did a quick overnight camping trip at Batona Camp Saturday. night. It was quiet with only 2 other campers. I was on site 10 & they were on 1 + 2 so I kinda had the place to myself. Not too long after dark, I could hear a pack of coyotes howling from the north. At around 2 am, the pack's howls...
  7. MuckSavage

    Prescribed Burning

    The following is an email I received from Parks & Forestry Prescribed Burning PRESCRIBED BURNING TODAY February 28 Burlington County Wharton State Forest, Tabernacle Township, 6 acres Camden Winslow Wild Life Management Area, Winslow Township, 27 acres Cumberland County Beavans Wild...
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    Brendon Byrne environmental legacy
  9. MuckSavage

    Rte 542 bridge over the Wading River

    I was assigned one of the greatest projects of my career. It seems the aforementioned bridge hasn't been opened in about 10 years. Over the last 2 days we replaced the frozen/corroded brake assembly, lubricated the trunions and some other miscellaneous work. This morning, we completed a test...
  10. MuckSavage

    Yellow dirt/gravel at campsites

    While out for a little time on the Dual Sport last night, I saw that the state laid down some dirt & gravel on the roads thru Godfrey Bridge. A little while later, I passed thru Bodine Field. The roads were augmented/raked there as well. It looked good albeit not "natural"
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    "Diggerland" coming to Berlin
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    Energy Drinks

    While taking a hike along Fleming Pike yesterday I noticed something while picking up trash.....If one consumes an energy drink, why do they have to throw the can out the window? Shouldn't they have the energy to dispose of it properly?
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    Penn State Forest

    After Sunday's lunch at Lake Oswego, then a visit to the CCC camp & eventually over to Bear Swamp Hill & a hike out to the landing gear, I decided to try to find some info on Penn S.F. & the Camp. I found this interesting; This camp is; Project # S-60 (federally issued project #) Federal...
  14. MuckSavage

    Shooting Star?

    Last Saturday night, while driving thru Turnersville, my wife & I saw what we thought was a shooting star, however it seemed very low in the sky. So low, that we thought it may be a firework. We pulled over & hung out for abit, looking for another. Another never came. This past Wednesday...
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    Silver Fox Outing 8/21

    I put this together some time ago, and I was unable to make it. There's been some recent discussion about the 'Fox so let's have another go at it! Saturday, Aug 21, 2010 around 9 pm. How's that sound? Who's in?
  16. MuckSavage

    Slag in Deptford?

    I was working in Deptford recently and came upon this. Anyone have a clue why it might wind up in Deptford? Perhaps it was taken from a furnace site years ago? (That is, if it really is slag?) Mods......feel free to move this to the "Slag Heap".
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    Beetle Traps

    I'm sure alot of you have seen it, but, While out in the Plastic Bridge area, closer to the intersection of Raritan & Sandy Causeway Rds, I stumbled upon a rather unique looking thing hanging in a tree. I jotted down some info on the label & here is what it is.
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    Jersey Devil, On-Demand.

    While perusing the selections of Comcast On-Demand, I saw a series of short (5 minute) shows about our Jersey Devil. Nothing that we don't already know, but it featured a group of "Devil Hunters". I think the menu selections are.... "Cutting Edge", then "Paranormal", then "American Monsters"...
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    A Good Question.....

    ....I think. "What is Ben's avatar?"
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    NJN's "Life on the Delaware"

    -Anyone else watch it? Cool show on NJN last night. "Life on the Delware" They started with the headwaters of the Beaverkill in NY, then worked their way down river. Along the way, they met up with numerous "River People".....the owner of Kittatiney Canoes, the Riverkeeper, a fly fishing...