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  1. smoke_jumper

    Furnace Archaeology

    Just watched it. . Thanks. In my travels for work I’ve gone past this many times. I tried stopping once when I had time but they were closed for the season. It looks interesting to me.
  2. smoke_jumper

    NJ trying to stop endangered Pinelands shrub from going extinct

    I saw that too. I think it’s the mowers. Since all along the guardrails were sprayed too not just the poles.
  3. smoke_jumper

    New PPA brochure

    There’s also a petition that goes with that propaganda...
  4. smoke_jumper

    Route 206 closed near Hammonton due to forest fire

    The fire burnt south of Rairitan Ave at Sandy Causeway. With all the backfires it sounds like it goes to parkwood and out to 206. Didn't look particularly hot on 206
  5. smoke_jumper

    1st of the season

    You have to set the date and do it next year on the same road and spot. It will surely be a different ride
  6. smoke_jumper

    1st of the season
  7. smoke_jumper

    1st of the season

    There are a couple of things that confuse me with that picture. 1st Most arsonist act alone. 2nd As Bob said they don’t seem to be in a hurry to leave. Just by that picture you can tell that fire is off to the races. 3rd is where did the picture come from. I assume a trail cam but it...
  8. smoke_jumper

    1st of the season

    A forest fire burns in all directions from the point of origin. It just moves faster in the direction of the wind. A slight wind change can turn a flank into a head fire.
  9. smoke_jumper

    1st of the season

    That probably because of the back fires. Just a guess though.
  10. smoke_jumper

    1st of the season

    It was not a controll burn
  11. smoke_jumper

    What is This Thing ?

    Haha. I’ve been super busy between work and the kids
  12. smoke_jumper

    What is This Thing ?

    It looks very well made. The strap going through the middle will keep it from busting open when it’s full. Could it be a bin to put picked fruit like blueberries. There are refrigeration storage units not too far away from you. I could see berries staged in them prior to final packaging.
  13. smoke_jumper

    Interactive map for mountain bike riders

    This is a cool map for mountain bike trails. Unfortunately it only has Batsto trails.
  14. smoke_jumper

    Closing West Mill Road

    Jeeps beyond the gate has been postponed “due to weather” All tickets are being refunded.
  15. smoke_jumper

    First of the season

    Cedar Bridge Tower
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    Yes I did. I also noticed it’s not a good time to be offshore fishing right now lol
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    I saw the flash too before the boom. That’s a cool site thanks
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    First of the season
  19. smoke_jumper


    One of mine too. Beavers are really changing it though.