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  1. Wicked Garden

    Barry Zeldin Podcast

    Hello, I’m working with the family of Barry Zeldin specifically Debbie Zeldin to produce this show about Barry’s Disappearance in 2013. The Family, Barry’s hunt club and their family and friends believe Barry was murdered and that he never made it into the woods. Barry’s grandson also has stage...
  2. Wicked Garden

    Hunt Club Members

    Looking for hu t club members to interview for a podcast about the state of hunting in the pines, what’s involved with membership and overall relationships with clubs. Please reach out to me if you’d like to be involved with this project. You can remain anonymous but i will need to verify your...
  3. Wicked Garden

    Paranormal experiences in the pines

    Hi All, Besides the normal Jersey Devil fare, I was wondering if anyone else has had any other strange experiences in the pines. I noticed there is a new bigfoot report from June of this year and was curious. We had a recent experience around the Carranza memorial late one night recently.