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  1. LongIslandPiney

    Absolutely disgusting!

    Anyone watch Man Vs. Wild in Zambia tonight? Man those grubs were gross. I mean he could've at least cooked them. That show is entertainment but most of the stuff he does would get us killed or sick. Actually he did get sick, serves him right for eating raw food. Les Stroud always cooks anything...
  2. LongIslandPiney

    Beautiful songbird

    Spring is here and the birds are out singing. What kind of species of bird is this? I also recorded some clips of the bird singing.
  3. LongIslandPiney

    Bitten by a dog (DOG BITE PHOTO)

    It was my 1st time bitten by a loose dog, happened last week right here in my town on my way to the post office. I was walking along when this dog jumped on me from a house, bit my box and my wrist, then walked away. I didn't need to go to the hospital, but in those 15 min it took for the cops...
  4. LongIslandPiney

    Why can't I lose this gut?

    I've tried to do more hiking each year, but I guess as I'm getting older the genetic "curse" of my family is showing on me, which is large guts and behinds. I eat much less than most people do, I can often get away with skipping breakfast or lunch, I do admit I snack on something every other...
  5. LongIslandPiney


    Is is time to start spraying the clothes? We've had quite a few warm days lately, so they must be back out. Because I've seen flies and yellowjackets already, walked into a swarm of gnats today, yuck. I have a feeling the warm, wet winter is gonna lead us into the bug season from hell. Stock up...
  6. LongIslandPiney

    This may have something to do with all the tropical rains

    200 Nautical Miles off Cape May, bouy has water temps in the MID 70S. Break out the bathing suits....:guinness: Conditions at 44004 as of (7:50 pm EST on 03/07/2008) Wind Direction (WDIR): SSE ( 160 deg true ) Wind Speed (WSPD): 23.3 kts Wind Gust (GST): 27.2 kts Wave Height...
  7. LongIslandPiney

    Anyone else get much sleep last night?

    It sounded like a hurricane last night into early morning with the wind sounding like a freight train sometimes. I was lucky I didn't have a power outage but alot of people did. The woods should be interesting to say the least, looks like a lot of work for the trail cleanup crews. Any word on...
  8. LongIslandPiney

    Candles already!?

    Yup, the earliest I ever started seeing "candles" forming on pitch pines. A select few trees, but disturbing nonetheless. Normally we dont start seeing them until mid-April. People have already reported some crocuses coming up too. No buds on the oaks...yet. I guess I should break out...
  9. LongIslandPiney

    Towns that exist in both LI and NJ Pines

    I can think of exactly two. Medford (a town in central Suffolk near the pine barrens), Southampton township (a village and a township on the south fork, also located in the pine barrens). Many of these names probably came from english settlers.
  10. LongIslandPiney

    Atman31..who are you?

    I got this guy saying he's on this forum saying I aint welcome here sending me messages on Youtube. I dunno who this is but no matter what he says I am sticking around.:jeffd: I tell ya the internet can be one mean place.:confused:
  11. LongIslandPiney

    Walking along a road : suspicious activity?

    I've been walking along roads to access trails into the woods for years. Since I dont drive and the bus wont drop you off at the trailhead, I have to do some walking. I am not in the way of traffic and stay off to the side well out of the way of cars. Yet since last summer I have been...
  12. LongIslandPiney


    How much did everyone get? I got about 2 inches, the roads are real slippery out there. Too bad its changing to rain and will be washed away tomorrow, because it'd be nice to see some snowy scenes in the pines.
  13. LongIslandPiney

    Do you believe in aliens?

    I admit I do. Knowing the variety of stars in the galaxy, and the universe, can lead to many combinations of life, some intelligent, out there. Often the media paints the aliens, especially the greys, in a bad light. The greys intrigue me, you certainly cant get their eyes out of your head...
  14. LongIslandPiney

    TV shows on the pines?

    For all the TV shows I have seen on the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone,etc, I have never seen one show devoted to the pine barrens. I wonder if there have been TV shows made but never aired. I have heard of RFD-TV, sounds like they might have some stuff on the pines, but we dont get them on cable...
  15. LongIslandPiney

    Life after people

    Did anyone watch it on The History Channel last night? Pretty much showed what would happen to the planet if humans dissapeared. Within just a few years plants would be growing in streets and wild animals would be roaming New York City. In 50 years most suburbs would have reverted to their...
  16. LongIslandPiney

    CHDK Hack for Canon cameras

    Using this in no way affects the camera's firmware. I have used it with my A610, it gives me live histograms, RAW mode, among many other features.
  17. LongIslandPiney

    Getting a new digital camera?

    Just want to alert folks there is alot of price gouging on digital cameras, especially some Canon models. I was shocked to see the camera I got for $149 back in 2005, the Powershot A610 selling for as much as $300 & up! Similar stuff is going on with the A630 and A640, selling for as much as...
  18. LongIslandPiney

    What do you want for Christmas?

    Well for the pine barrens I would like all development to stop. I would like gasoline to be replaced with a non-greenhouse gas emitting fuel. As for myself, I'd just like a cutie I could cuddle with under the pines. She'd be nice, but, lets face it, she aint going into the "freaky...
  19. LongIslandPiney


    Did you guys in Nj get hit by ice like we did? The trails and dirt roads are very, very slippery. Do you think "cramp ons" would be an overkill? It is not fun walking on it. A foot of snow is better than an inch of ice. Anyway, I just hope everyone is careful out there, it is very slippery!
  20. LongIslandPiney

    Best thing I saw today...

    This piney will be happy if Santa gives me her along with a week of crystal clear chilly days to hike the pines.:mrgreen: