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    Has Barnegat gone down hill?

    On another board, a woman's comment about the town surprised me. She said,"I read that a lot of ppl on section 8 from ny moved there and their teenage kids cause trouble and start fires in the woods". Has there been a mass exodus of long-time residents whose homes were snatched up by slumlords...
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    Wiley X Tactical Goggles

    Nerve R-8051. They're new, never been worn, but there are a couple of small scratches on the clear lens. $70,NERVE&ItemCode=R-8051
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    The Berlin Wall

    Does anyone know of a local museum that would like a chunk of the Berlin Wall?
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    I Used to Know That

    What the heck was the name of the bar on Rt. 72 just off of four mile circle? The building is still there--the small place with the white asbestos siding--but it used to have a different name.
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    Heart of the Pines

    Heart of the Pines, John E. Pearce, second printing, revised edition, signed by author. I bought it at Busby's a while back. It's not pristine, but in very good condition. I can't put a price on it (sigh, how do you price that book) but I'll accept any reasonable offer.
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    Housing plan for farmland in Medford
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    Ong's Hat Trail

    Anybody here ever check out Dot and Brooks Evert Memorial Train? The trail head is about 3/4 of a mile above where where Ong's Hat Rd. starts at Magnolia Rd.
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    Traffic Jam on Old Atsion

    Anybody know why Jackson Road was closed yesterday? I was heading east from Hopewell Rd/Rt 73 area along Jackson and found the road blocked just before Atco Speedway. Traffic was being directed to the right into the housing area there. After hitting one dead end and turning around (I found...
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    Glover Fulling Mill (site)

    Anyone ever hear of this? It's in Haddon Heights area, way out of the Pine Barrens. I was looking at Mike Bickerson's Cedar Lake Park pictures and decided to check out history of Voorhees, but the link wasn't working. I started poking around and ended up in National Registration of Historic...