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  1. smoke_jumper

    Interactive map for mountain bike riders

    This is a cool map for mountain bike trails. Unfortunately it only has Batsto trails.
  2. smoke_jumper

    Spring peepers.

    Well for me it’s official. The spring peepers are here in full force. We can’t sleep with the windows open on these warm nights.
  3. smoke_jumper

    Bear sighting in Evesham......or beaver.
  4. smoke_jumper

    Possible Government Shut-down may affect your weekend..

    Just a heads up. Could affect some people's plans
  5. smoke_jumper

    Northern Gray Treefrog

    They are moving out of the pond and up into the trees for the summer. They sound happy today. (There is my soft spoken cat who wasn't happy I left her inside crying too)
  6. smoke_jumper

    Forest Fire in Shamong

    Ive been smelling this all morning.
  7. smoke_jumper

    Marking Territory?

    Doing some yard work today I discovered some animal scat. It looks about the size of a large dog but has too much fur to be domestic. I have seen fox here and heard coyotes, but never this close. Either way the odd part is that there is several piles with one being much older. I'm assuming...
  8. smoke_jumper

    Old Forge Dam to be rebuilt
  9. smoke_jumper

    Home Projects

    This past weekend I chose to just do a different project. My wife thought I was crazy. I had collected a bunch of these insulators when I was a kid. After several attempts I finally got it. With the 100 or so insulators I have in my mom's basement I've actually found the use for one:clint:
  10. smoke_jumper

    New Years "First Day Hike"
  11. smoke_jumper

    Bird ID

    This little girl walked up to my wife and kids at the bus stop today. It was not afraid of them at all. That's the curb next to it for size.
  12. smoke_jumper

    Young child drowns in Lake Absegami

    This is a sad story. I can't believe it hasn't been reported sooner
  13. smoke_jumper

    National Park Service trash Dumped in Winslow WMA
  14. smoke_jumper

    Unhealthy Garden

    I know its not even in this country but it's interesting and includes giant hogweed. Which can leave blisters on a person up to 7 years:confused:
  15. smoke_jumper

    Possible Coyote Attack
  16. smoke_jumper

    Camper "Explodes"
  17. smoke_jumper

    Gloucester County gets its first state park
  18. smoke_jumper

    Forest Management

    While this isn't quite the pines it's not far away. It's a very good article on many of the topics we talk about here.
  19. smoke_jumper

    Will America's Worst Wildfire Disaster Happen in NJ?

    Even Rolling Stone is reporting on the pines
  20. smoke_jumper

    Red Flag Warning

    There's a Red Flag Warning today. No chance of rain for about a week, rising temperatures and a relatively dry spring, all during peak fire season. This could be a long week for our friends in the FFS...