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  1. MuckSavage

    Help With Batona Itinerary

    I think I read here of an incident where a hiker's catalytic converter was cut out of his car while parked multiple days at Ongs Hat. May want to see if you can get shuttle from Byrne up to Ong's Hat. (Safely parking at Byrne)
  2. MuckSavage

    Wooden Water Pipes

    I have a piece from Mt Holly. It was basically a 6x6 with a core hole in it. (also excavated a long abandoned/buried trolley track at the same time)
  3. MuckSavage

    A-10 Warthog

    I know they've been discussed here. I stumbled across an interview with one of the designers. An interesting 6 minute video.
  4. MuckSavage

    Allaire Park in Howell New Jersey

    Welcome! We visited the Allaire Dinosaurs a few weeks ago!
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  6. MuckSavage

    Rancocas State Park

    @Teegate so sad.
  7. MuckSavage

    My new ride

    Many happy miles & smiles Ed! I'm still loving my Commander after 13 years & 180k miles!
  8. MuckSavage

    N.J. Natives new Book

    From what I've read...yup
  9. MuckSavage

    N.J. Natives new Book

    Oh no! I can hear paint cans rattling already:mad:
  10. MuckSavage

    Search underway for person who dumped crated dog in N.J. wooded area

    What a beautiful dog. People can be real scumbags
  11. MuckSavage

    A Very Merry Christmas

    Scott, congratulations to your family. Enjoy every moment. God Bless you all!
  12. MuckSavage

    Lamb Legs and the Menantico

    Like "Head"... The guy reportedly who lived on Little Mill Rd, Gloucester Two/Pine Hill
  13. MuckSavage

    Sandy Lane Enduro Nov. 29, 2020

    Sad.... Last month a Hare Scramble race went off at Ormond Farms in Millville. (A Meteor M.C event) Everyone appeared to be acting responsibly. Be safe everybody.
  14. MuckSavage

    UFO Detector

    I hope you were wearing your tin foil helmet!
  15. MuckSavage

    Sandy Lane Enduro Nov. 29, 2020

    Was that a Meteor MC "clubhouse" of sorts? I know they were founded in Glendora. The club's site has cool history.
  16. MuckSavage

    Sandy Lane Enduro Nov. 29, 2020

    Thanks for posting Scott! I never grow tired of seeing those photos of Bill! I'm happy to see the event happening. A few of the ECEA events were cancelled.
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    Wow! Awesome pic Guy!
  18. MuckSavage

    Pleasure Club of Land Development

    Yes, Thank you & nice to hear from you Jerseyman.
  19. MuckSavage

    Today's News

    Well said Ben! You do an awesome job being proactive
  20. MuckSavage

    Plastic bags banned in N.J. as Murphy signs new law

    Rolling paper bags of course!