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  1. uuglypher

    conspicuous by its absence...?

    Corn snake...conspicuous by its absence? With all the wonderful reports and exceptional photos of snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, and salamanders observed last year and this spring in the PB's, one species that I use to considered it a particular joy to find back in the 50's and 60's has yet...
  2. uuglypher

    Hogmanay Eve

    Dammit, dammit, dammit ! I just found out that friday night was Hogmanay Eve ... and I missed it! Dave
  3. uuglypher

    10" of snow in the pines?

    Looking at the weather reports it looks like you guys in the pines have more snow than we have here in South Dakota! Ten to eleven inches? Really? Sheesh, I hope you get some great pics . Must be beautiful! Dave
  4. uuglypher

    D'ye fancy Scotch whisky?

    Here's an easy test to see if you'll possibly appreciate a single-malt scotch whisky: If you can get neat ("straight up", undiluted) bourbon ("corn likker", " Kentucky sippin' whiskey") past your nose, you probably won't like either blended or single-malt scotch whisky - and vice-versa. Those...
  5. uuglypher

    No Copperheads in the Pines?

    There has been much discussion about many of the species of snakes that occur in the pine barrens, Now, how about some speculation on WHY NO COPPERHEADS ??? Here's a pit viper that has a range from Massachusets to southern Illinois and most of Missouri, down to west-central Texas and every...
  6. uuglypher

    Chigger and Ticks repellant

    There's been much mention of chiggers and ticks in several treads of late, and I have sat in wonder that with all the comments about "socks-over-pants" and "spray with a repellant" no one has yet mentioned the tried and true repellant that Mrs Webb, my Cub Scout den mother in 1948 had us use...
  7. uuglypher

    On the road to Verich's

    I hope you'll agree that this qualifies to be posted here, as it does relate to a possibly forgotten place. In the early 50's, when I was a kid and my folks and I would vacation on Long Beach Island we would make occassional forays onto the mainland to "...go to "Verich's" " an ice...
  8. uuglypher

    Timbered roads? Spong?

    Among the tales I heard as a kid of my Dad's wanderings in the pines in the 20s was mention of he and his Toms River friends (Bart Havens and Joe Citta) having come across some stretches of what he called "timbered roads." I can't remember if they were in a Model-T or a Model-A, but the report...
  9. uuglypher

    Pinehurst or Pinewald?

    In a recent thread (don't recall which one...) I mentioned a place my dad had told me about that was a moonshiner's location back in prohibition and which I'd visited many years later on a herping expedition. Some of you suggested it might be near Bayville - a name I didn't recall. I still...
  10. uuglypher

    History of NJ Cranberry industry?

    Does anyone in this august readership/contributor pool know of any organization that has compiled a history of the New Jersey cranberry industry? My curiosity stems from having worked on the bogs during one college summer vacation. I previously posted that it was in '59. I was wrong. It was...
  11. uuglypher

    Nash Cabin?

    I've noticed that several folks on this forum occassionally mention the "Nash Cabin" or "Nash's Cabin" as a landmark from which to describe where they hiked or explored that day. Who was Nash? Where's the cabin? I recall my Dad had a book on the history of Long Beach Island authored, I think...
  12. uuglypher

    "Mining" ancient cedars

    Does anyone have knowledge about the practice of "mining" the swamps in the Pines for old, waterlogged prehistoric cedar trees? Supposedly during colonial times the practice yielded trunks of such size that they were useable as ships' masts. Some have claimed that the recovered old cedars were...