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  1. MarkBNJ

    Hello from the highlands

    Just wanted to swing by and wish everyone a happy new year. Nice to see a lot of the same folks posting. I haven't checked in for quite a long time, though I do surf by every once in a while to see how things are going, and I see updates from Ben and Chris and Gabe on facebook. It's been a very...
  2. MarkBNJ

    The Key

    Or at least, a key, and maybe an old one. I found this while mowing on Saturday, partially buried in my back yard. Since I've been mowing that spot for twelve years I presume it was heaved up by last winter's cold temps. And here's a shot of the other side... The key is about 4" in...
  3. MarkBNJ

    DL&W Oxford and "Manunka Chunk" tunnels

    Ok, some more Highlands stuff for you flatlanders :). There are enough railfans and history nuts on the site that I trust I will be forgiven. I set out Sunday to fulfill an old goal: to hike up the DL&W "Old Road" and find the tunnels at Oxford and "Manunka Chunk." I drove toward Oxford first...
  4. MarkBNJ

    Working Ben's Mill

    This is a 30-minute film extract from the Folkstreams series about a water-powered sawmill in Maine owned by a fellow named Ben. I say "sawmill" because that is a lot of what he does, but as you'll see its really a complete water-driven workshop for whatever a rural community might need in the...
  5. MarkBNJ

    Young's Mine and Port Murray

    Thought you guys would enjoy some historically interesting pictures from the cool, rocky north. These are from a trip I made last Sunday to a few spots I have been wanting to get to. The first few shots were taken in Cataract Park, a mostly unimproved addition to the Morris County Park system...
  6. MarkBNJ

    NYPL "Map Warper"

    The New York Public Library today released a huge number of historical maps, alongside a web-based tool for overlaying and displaying them in different ways. I haven't actually managed to log in to the site yet, I suppose its getting hammered. Here is a business insider piece on the site...
  7. MarkBNJ

    New Jersey State Atlas Topos

    I didn't even know this site existed. Seems pretty useful.
  8. MarkBNJ

    The Three Pickers

    Started watching this awesome video last night. It's a one-hour tribute concert featuring Earl Scruggs on banjo, Doc Watson on the guitar, and Ricky Scaggs on mandolin. Just amazing stuff.
  9. MarkBNJ

    Out Seeing Stuff

    Had to drop my daughter and her friend in Philly this morning for the big music festival, so I decided to take the afternoon and seek the quiet green places. Herewith a few things seen along the way. Bricks and ironstone on the bank of the Oswego at Martha. The bridge at Martha...
  10. MarkBNJ

    Revisiting the Shoemaker Farm

    Off topic, but I know a number of you have spent time up in this neck of the woods, and specifically in the Gap. I was up there last Saturday to revisit a few spots I had not been in several years. Among them was a place that has been mentioned here before, the Shoemaker Farm. Sadly I found the...
  11. MarkBNJ

    Did the Pic get a new sign?

    Took my daughter to the Pic-a-Lili for burgers on our way north from Ocean City yesterday. Is that sign new? I seem to recall a different one, and I don't remember the words "The Original" above the name. Probably just getting old. Me I mean. Not the sign.
  12. MarkBNJ

    Interactive Map of U.S. Biodiversity

    This is a neat tool just released by the USGS. It is an interactive map of species habitats across the U.S. and over time. You can search for specific species of flora and fauna and see how their habitats have changed over the years.
  13. MarkBNJ

    Checking in

    Just got power and network back this evening. Damage to the electric grid in our area was devastating, but fortunately we had little property damage, though it did take about six hours to clear the windfall off the yard. Hope everyone else came through ok.
  14. MarkBNJ

    Fearless Felix

    Anyone watch his jump today? They streamed it live on Youtube. It was pretty incredible. I have to admit to getting a lump in my throat when he hit thick air and managed to stop his tumble, and again when he went to two knees after landing and threw his arms into the air. Quite an amazing...
  15. MarkBNJ

    Old Mine Road open

    We had a thread here a few months back regarding the gate across Old Mine Road in the DWGNRA. The gate was located just north of the intersection with Kuhn Rd., and blocked off the section through Ennis Rd. I had a chance to get up there over the weekend and was thrilled to find the gate has...
  16. MarkBNJ

    For Those Snowy Days in the Woods

    Assuming that, next year, we have some...
  17. MarkBNJ

    The New Jersey Archives

    I'm hoping one of you historian types can help straighten me out on the several series of volumes that seem to go by the combined name of "The New Jersey Archives." So far I've identified: "Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey." I've located five of the first...
  18. MarkBNJ

    Seeking historical background on lower Mullica river life, mid-18th century

    Hey guys. For a current project I am trying to find historical sources for life on the lower Mullica in the mid-18th century through the close of the Revolution. Specifically I am interested in the towns of Chestnut Neck, Leed's Point, The Forks, but also more generally the entire economic...
  19. MarkBNJ

    Old pictures of America

    My dad sent me this, and I thought you guys might get a kick out of it. Most images seem to be from the late 19th century through about 1940 or so.
  20. MarkBNJ

    New Jersey Invites You to Come and See It All

    All our prisons, that is. I guess that's one way to promote the state.