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  1. britheflyersguy

    Mischief Night Ghost hunt

    Hey everyone. I know this is short notice, but I'm planning and excuting a ghost hunt at the Pinelands Church and into the woods on Friday Oct. 30th. I have several books on the Pines but no luck recalling the places I told myself to remember. The other parties involved wants to go to Brigatine...
  2. britheflyersguy

    Who uses Facebook?

    I put an assload of picture on my FB account. Seeing that a lot of folks now use it. I'd like whoever wants to please look through my pictures on FB I have not gone out this year due to the way things are now (I'm unemployed, have a broken truck, er uh I mean no...
  3. britheflyersguy

    Martha Furnace; advice requested

    Hey all, I'm planning my first trip to Martha's Furnace in mid-June. Ever since I got my Bronco, I've been addicted to the pines. I've traveled in a few places (check out my albums, some need uploading, had problems with it last night) with different kinds of people and of course want to add a...