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  1. Jersey Jeff

    Hiking the old CNJ tracks from Atsion to Carranza

    I'm looking at this hike from Atsion to Carranza and there is a report that one of the old trestles over one of the small streams has been washed out, leaving only rails. I haven't hiked those tracks in a few years, but I assume...
  2. Jersey Jeff

    Batona trail parking @ Rt. 563

    Molly the Dog and I are looking forward to our first foray into the pines in several months and my first backpacking trip (gulp) since 1997 (my pooch's second trip). I'd like to park on Rt. 563, walk the Batona Trail through FPP to Batona Camp and walk back to my car the next day. Is there any...
  3. Jersey Jeff

    Depression-era photos of cranberry harvesting

    I found these neat photos of cranberry harvesting at Whitesbog (and elsewhere) in the pines that were taken as part of some New Deal project. Enjoy!
  4. Jersey Jeff

    Maine "desert"

    It appears that Maine has a 40-acre patch of pine barrens of its own, although this one appears to be man-made:
  5. Jersey Jeff

    Frogs at Friendship Bogs

    My son and I visited Friendship Bogs Saturday night and Sunday night to look for PB Tree Frogs and other herps. On Saturday, we walked in the rain as a thunderstorm was exiting the area. To our backs (east) thunder rolled and lighting lit up the sky. Ahead of us (west) was a sunset over the...
  6. Jersey Jeff

    Suttons Bay flotilla aims to break Guinness world record

    Here's an article from Michigan... Suttons Bay flotilla aims to break Guinness world record From The Detroit News: I viewed the picture in the article... And thought "this photo looks like the Cedar Creek on a...
  7. Jersey Jeff

    Swimming beach @ Bass River SF closed due to poor water quality

    NJ State Parks Facebook page just announced that the "Bass River swimming area is closed today and tomorrow due to poor water quality." I am guessing that runoff from heavy rains (and all of the seagulls that hang out there) contributed to this? I find Lake Absegami absolutely disgusting in...
  8. Jersey Jeff

    South Toms River teen’s drowning in Berkeley mining pit deemed accidental, authorities say

    Sad tragedy of a death of a teen in a mining pit in Berkeley...
  9. Jersey Jeff

    Hide your snacks when in Brendan Byrne SF...Yogi is coming!

    Black bear caught in Delran, to be released in state forest
  10. Jersey Jeff


    I'm always stressed out when my iPhone's battery craps out in the middle of the woods, especially if I am hiking or camping. Although it was a bit pricey, I splurged and purchased a PowerPot. The device is a small handled pot with a cord that sticks out of the side. When the PowerPot is...
  11. Jersey Jeff

    Looking for 12' or shorter sit-in kayak

    My son outgrew our old tandem kayak and now it's time for him to learn how to paddle his own damn boat. I'm looking for an inexpensive 12' or shorter sit-in kayak for either me or him so we can go exploring this summer. Yes, I check Craigslist every week. It seems like CL is a sellers'...
  12. Jersey Jeff

    The Pine Barrens: The Past, the Politics & the Future Mar. 3, 2 p.m.

    The New Jersey Conservation Foundation is sponsoring a panel discussion titled "The Pine Barrens: The Past, the Politics & the Future" on March 3 at 2 p.m. at Princeton University's McCosh 50 Lecture Hall. NJTV's Michael Aaron will host the discussion, which features Governors Brendan Byrne...
  13. Jersey Jeff

    Looking for PB Tree Frogs and other amphibians

    My son has been bugging me for the past 2 years to take him into the pines to listen to pine barrens tree frogs and other frogs and toads. We wandered all along the Wading River last April (late in the month), but last spring was extremely dry and hot and we came home only spotting a few...
  14. Jersey Jeff

    Hiking to the Forked River

    I've searched the Web & forum for info on hiking the Forked River Mountains and so far I've come up empty. All of the posts here on the forum have dealt with driving to certain spots in the area. NJCF and FRMC just offer general maps of the region. I'd just like to park my car somewhere and...