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  1. Ben Ruset

    New ORV Plan Ideas On the surface this seems reasonable.
  2. Ben Ruset

    NJ Covid Vaccine Scheduling system is now online

    Just a public service message. If you're someone who doesn't want/believe in vaccines then fine, just don't click the link.
  3. Ben Ruset

    Today's News

    Whether you are happy or not, please keep it off the site. We're all family here. If you feel like you must argue send them a PM.
  4. Ben Ruset

    Sunset at Friendship

    Yesterday I decided to shoot down to Friendship to shoot the sunset since it's one of the few places reasonably away from crowds that I can get to with my car. Every time I go I feel like I need to get a truck to be able to get around the woods again. Friendship-Speedwell road in a sports car...
  5. Ben Ruset

    Furnace Archaeology

    Hopefully this doesn't interrupt all of the Coronavirus fuelled conspiracy threads happening elsewhere on the site but I came across a video that explains how 17th and 18th century blast furnaces worked. It's from a show in the UK called Time Team, where a team of archaeologists have three days...
  6. Ben Ruset

    Interactive Map of Earth from 750 million years ago to now... Interesting to see New Jersey through the ages. It looks like the Appalachians once covered the entire state.
  7. Ben Ruset

    Spooky PA Furnace Story

    Via the Historical Society of Pennsylvania:
  8. Ben Ruset

    Animated GIFs in your posts!

    Have you ever wanted to add an animated GIF to your post like you can on Facebook, but in a slightly less intuitive and clumsier manner? Well my friend, you're in luck. Introducing GIPHY support on NJPB. It's pretty easy to do: Type what you're looking for. Didn't find any you liked? Click on...
  9. Ben Ruset

    Big Forum Update

    Hey everyone, I've just upgraded the software that runs the discussion forums to the latest version. It was probably about 5 years out of date, so it was critical to do. There are just a ton of changes and differences in the new software. I'm still learning it myself. Right now I'm working to...
  10. Ben Ruset

    Stump grinding

    I have an old tree stump that I need to take out of my yard. I've looked at a ton of youtube videos of people using epson salt, some other things that are supposed to rot the stump out, and burning. None of them look particularly great. The burning one looks fun but I doubt my neighbors will...
  11. Ben Ruset

    Article: Please Stop Tagging the Locations of Your Outdoor Photographs This is interesting. It looks like the photo community is starting to feel how some of us felt with posting exact coordinates to places and geocaching.
  12. Ben Ruset

    Site Maintenance

    Hi - Just a heads up, I'm going to be doing some work on the site that will require me taking it offline for a few hours. I'm not exactly sure when that will be (it'll be within the next few days, I imagine) but if you try to go to the forums and see that they're shut and/or not responding...
  13. Ben Ruset

    Brendan Byrne dead at 93 If it hadn't been for him the Pines would likely be swallowed up by Applebees, Wawas, and Home Depots.
  14. Ben Ruset

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  15. Ben Ruset

    Historic Aerials

    So when did Historic Aerials start sucking so much? It used to be that you could move the map and the watermarks would move, but now they're in fixed locations, one of which is right on top of what I want to see. :argh:
  16. Ben Ruset

    Mad About Bivalve

    From the NJPB Contact Form: I replied with "what are you even talking about?" but the email address the lady provided didn't work. It seems like she's mad :argh: with this post I made in 2009. (I finally found what she was talking about by searching for "dilapidated marina".) I really do like...
  17. Ben Ruset

    Forum software upgrade

    I just rolled us back from the updated forum software to the previous version. Anything that was posted from about 11-ish PM last night till now is lost to the ether. I'll try the upgrade again sometime when I have more time to troubleshoot it.
  18. Ben Ruset

    Interesting ebay auction: 80s Mayo's Halfway House Menu

    Was searching for something unrelated and this came up.
  19. Ben Ruset

    Odd historical pole field from defunct AT&T site to be removed from Barnegat Bay
  20. Ben Ruset

    [PPA] Park Police Need Tools to Combat ORV Abuse Another blog article on the PPA site and, presumably, emailed to supporters. I saw it on Facebook where I commented twice last night - both were non incendiary, respectful posts. One was about how the...